Ralph Northam’s Incredible (And Shifting) “Look At Me!” Ad Buy

A week ago John Fredericks broke the news that Ralph Northam’s campaign was investing $1.5 million into negative attacks on E.W. Jackson:

Northam campaign manager Bradley Komar told us his camp is going on Virginia television and radio next week with a blitzkrieg style nearly $1.5 million media buy across the Commonwealth.

Campaign sources say the media ad blitz is designed to “let Virginian’s know who the real E.W. Jackson is through his own words.”

Layman interpretation: they’re going negative, big time.

$1.5 million? From a campaign that had less than half a million on hand as of the end of August? That must be some filing they turned in this week!

But it wasn’t. It was a desperate ploy for earned media that fell flat. No one listens to John Fredericks and the Northam campaign has been stuck telling everyone that will listen that they’re just giddy at the prospect of personally attacking E.W. Jackson over the last few weeks of the campaign.

The truth is, Northam’s invested $500,000 and VPAP has the breakdown. Well, “invested” isn’t the right word. They’ve “reserved” the time.

But never one to let truth get in the way, the Northam campaign is emailing supporters begging and pleading for $10,000 so they can get on the air:

In one week, we need to be on television introducing Ralph to voters. In order to get our ad on air, we will need to make some tough decisions. My team and I plan to sit down at the end of the week and take a hard look at the numbers to see how much ad time we can afford.

To get our ad on air, we need to hit our goal of raising $10,000 more online. Can you help us get there by contributing today?

So first they lie to the media, now they’re lying to supporters. Yikes!

Northam is bragging about his upcoming negative attacks. The media is happy to do the swinging for him and creating a great set of footnotes for him to base his ads off of.

And he’s so eager to get out the gate, it looks like he’s happy to have his supporters wade in the mud for him by the looks of this delight of a video:

To save you from having to watch the whole thing, BVBL has a screenshot of the most offensive bit:


Offended? You should be. Maybe you’re as offended as CatHouse Chat:

Northam and his crew ought to be horsewhipped for this disgusting, amoral, selfish, and depraved view of pregnancy and the unborn – and that’s “OK,” because I’m truly not sure whether or not these guys have any shred of their God-given conscience left, much less any morals.

This country has a government that as designed to be run by moral people serving moral citizens. Northam ain’t it.

This is what $1.5 million can buy Ralph Northam. Or $500,000. Or $10,000. Or $5. Who knows.

By hook or by crook, Ralph Northam for Lieutenant Governor…

UPDATE: Dems are responding in one of two ways. There’s sensible reply:

dems video

And there’s the unfortunately far too common offensive reply:

offensive response

It’ll be interesting to see which side wins the argument for the heart and soul of the Democratic Party…


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  1. Great piece, we will never know the truth about Ralph because he only talks about one thing, abortion. It is an obsession that can not be explain.

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