VDOT Teaming Up With McAuliffe Against Cuccinelli And GOP Delegates?

We’re in the closing weeks of heated campaigns for Governor and the House of Delegates and what do we find? Campaign door hangers around Prince William County. But these aren’t for candidates.

bicounty parkway

VDOT is out campaigning for this highly controversial road at the same time that Ken Cuccinelli, Tim Hugo, Scott Lingamfelter, Rich Anderson, and Bob Marshall are all on the ballot in this same area. Each of those candidates just also happen to have come out against this project in the configuration that VDOT is pushing.

This looks a lot like Sean Connaughton’s VDOT (and Sean’s successor as PWC Chair Corey Stewart who is locally championing this road) working to undercut Cuccinelli and PWC’s GOP Delegates in the General Assembly right before Election Day.

VDOT and Terry McAuliffe teaming up. Unreal.


5 thoughts on “VDOT Teaming Up With McAuliffe Against Cuccinelli And GOP Delegates?

  1. That would explain why Corey Stewart has been completely silent and hasn’t lifted a finger for a single campaign in Prince William County. Dems won both President and Senate in PWC last year. Will he let it go blue once more?

  2. …or maybe instead of some sort of inter-party plot it’s Sean Connaughton, the McDonnell Administration, and VDOT attempting to build a road they’ve long pursued? Just saying’…

  3. “VDOT and Terry McAuliffe teaming up. Unreal.”

    Not sure I see the link between a V-DOT door flyer and Terry McAuliffe. I appreciate you are pushing for a GOP candidate that is against the parkway but McAuliffe has not come out for or against. Now I know the lack of an position is seen as pro parkway by many people, but you seem to be trying to imply that the McAuliffe campaign is the one distributing the door hangers.

    Tying the two issues together without any evidence is pure speculation.

    For the record, I am also against the parkway but let’s not get off message by making up our own story line.

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