Ken Cuccinelli goes squishy again

As Election 2013 comes careening towards November, Ken Cuccinelli continues to transform himself into the biggest Republican disappointment of the campaigns.

In an appalling Loudoun Times-Mirror interview, Cuccinelli tries to take credit for the $1.2-billion-plus tax hike that I have called Plan ’13 From Outer Space:

Attorney general and Republican gubernatorial candidate Ken Cuccinelli last week reiterated his belief that there wouldn’t be the current transportation funding reform law if it weren’t for him.

“There wouldn’t be a transportation bill right now if I didn’t save it as attorney general,” Cuccinelli said during an Oct. 7 interview with the Times-Mirror.

Unreal. Ken Cuccinelli is now boasting about saving a massive tax hike…

…and he wonders why he’s losing.

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6 thoughts on “Ken Cuccinelli goes squishy again

  1. Is this a back handed endorsement for Mcauliffe? It sure smacks of it… Is the Ziet Geist of big picture thinking gone for good? These and other Bat questions to be answered.

    1. Understood.
      Out of a whole week of stops on the campaign trail and this is what you chose to post. As long as the circular firing squad continues, (D) will continue to beat our brains in.

  2. Bizarre, just bizarre that someone who stands firmly against bigger government and higher taxes would take credit for the largest tax increase in the history of the Commonwealth.

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