PWC School Board Sets An Example For Our Supervisors To Follow

Our accolades to the majority of the Prince William County school board who voted to study moving to a zero-based budget process (h/t The Derecho and PWC Education Reform Blog.) Chairman Milt Johns and Board members Lisa Bell, Betty Covington, Steve Keen, Alyson Satterwhite, and Gil Trenum each deserve our thanks.  In light of the looming financial problems facing the Fairfax County school system, these six individuals supporting this move should be commended for their foresight that hopefully will help PWC avoid a similar fate.

If the school board can eventually adopt a zero-based budget with their oversight of nearly 60% of tax revenues collected by the county, then our Board of Supervisors has no legitimate excuse as to why they couldn’t do the same for the other 40%+ of our tax dollars.  It will be interesting to watch how the county’s top governing body responds as this continues to unfold.