Ralph Northam Is Lying To Virginia And Slamming E.W. Jackson

Ralph Northam’s campaign is claiming that they’re putting a positive vision on television (which contains a lie – claiming to be a “fiscal conservative”):

…in a fundraising letter, Jackson took issue with Northam’s description of himself as a fiscal conservative.

“When you vote for the two biggest tax hikes in 6 years in the state senate, you are many thing,” Jackson says in his letter. “But fiscal conservative is not one of them. When you vote to shut down the Virginia government for the first time in history in 2012, because it just doesn’t spend as much as you want … many things you might be, but fiscal conservative is not one. Make no mistake my friends, electing Ralph Northam would be a disaster for Virginia. If you like big tax hikes, no government accountability, and government shutdowns, ‘Wreck-it Ralph’ is your guy.”

And he’s denying threatening to make it the “worst week in E.W. Jackson’s life”:

Northam denied ever having made such remarks; a Jackson spokesman did not provide details about where and when the Democrat has allegedly said them. And Northam’s first television ad, which he unveiled today, makes no mention of his opponent at all. Instead, the 30-second spot highlights his service in the United States Army, where the pediatric neurologist has treated soldiers and children with brain injuries.

But the truth is, Northam’s running nastier advertisements than he’s leading the media and Virginians to believe.

Screen Shot 2013-10-23 at 5.10.49 PM


So he’s purposefully lying to the press, and Virginians, all the while quietly running attack ads with out of context quotes in the Richmond market (and potentially Roanoke and Hampton Roads), with a smirk on his face and thinking Virginians will never know!

What a jerk.


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