Democrats Don’t Want Voters To Know E.W. Jackson Is Black

From an email sent by GOP LG candidate E.W. Jackson:

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Imagine my surprise when I woke up yesterday morning to find every sign removed from my front yard and replaced with this:

I’m not alone. We’re getting reports from across Virginia of yard signs and banners being stolen or defaced. Some people are going so far as to carve my face out of posters.This isn’t free speech. This is trespassing and vandalism. Ultimately, this is intimidation. And the Democratic Party of Virginia needs to put a stop to it today.

As I’ve traveled the Commonwealth, people are sick of politics as usual. This toxic environment stifles conversations that need to happen to find common ground on the issues that matter the most.

Help me continue to get our message out with a contribution today.

$4 helps replace a yard sign stolen by Democrat operatives who don’t want your voice heard. $40 helps us replace signs in an entire neighborhood. Won’t you contribute today to help us fight back against these senseless acts of vandalism?

We need to be able to work together if we’re going to continue to make Virginia a place where people want to live and work. That starts by stopping these antics and by respecting the views of our neighbors. I would hope that the Democratic Party of Virginia would stand up for civil discourse.

For God and Country,

E.W. Jackson

Here’s what I find interesting:

Some people are going so far as to carve my face out of posters.

Democrats can’t afford to have voters, especially African Americans, know that they are the ones with the completely Caucasian ticket while Republicans (especially those Tea Party-types that dominated the GOP convention) nominated a black man as their candidate (while Democratic voters soundly defeated their minority candidate for LG in their primary.)


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    1. Because there are multiple reports of it happening around the state. Hey, NOW we really know why you also go by the name of “BlackOut”…

  1. Satchmo is BlackOut, and it appears he doesn’t like people with the name Black or Black people. Particularly if they are conservatives.

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