Jeremy McPike’s Neighborhood Thugs

We’ve already told you about Democrat candidate for delegate Jeremy McPike’s involvement in an unfolding pay-to-play / political corruption scandal in the City of Alexandria where he is the Director of General Services. You may remember Willie Deutsch’s extensive coverage of his firing of an African-American man who blew the whistle on these activities that constituted $2 million in waste, fraud and abuse within his department (an act that cost McPike and the City of Alexandria $450,000 in damages awarded by a court to the whistleblower for his wrongful termination). Well, once again we get an insight into the kind of man that McPike really is courtesy of McPike himself and his campaign cronies.

What we learned about the experience with his handling of the whistleblower situation is that McPike is a petty, vindictive man who likes to bully people. Well that was on full display again yesterday in one Dale City precinct where McPike is facing off against Republican Delegate Scott Lingamfelter for the 31st District seat representing part of Prince William and Fauquier counties.

At about 1:50 PM on Friday, Oct. 25, a woman (whose name we are withholding for her protection) called the Republican headquarters in PWC.  She was rather upset, saying that she had just been threatened by someone from the McPike campaign. She went on to state that she had been confronted by a McPike canvasser who came to her door and incessantly badgered her to find out who she was supporting in the delegate race. When she continued to refuse to answer, the canvasser indignantly responded, “If you don’t tell me, you will be called relentlessly until you give an answer.”  Nice, huh?  (McPike himself must be giving Charm School lessons to his campaign staff and volunteers.)

In the meantime, the woman’s 6’6” fiancé tracked down the canvasser who made a hasty retreat from the neighborhood. That was probably the smartest thing the McPike supporter did all day.  Still upset by the treatment that she had endured, the voter called McPike himself to complain about the aggressive actions of his supporter.  McPike immediately blamed the canvasser and said he would discipline him.  I wonder if McPike fired him like he did the whistleblower. Well, probably not considering that the whistleblower was doing the honest and honorable thing, which is beginning to look like an anathema to McPike.  (I guess the Sorensen Institute will let anyone in these days.)

McPike later showed up at the woman’s door in order to “apologize” to her, but wound up adding insult to injury by getting her name wrong! Greeted by the 6’6” fiancé, McPike also made a hasty retreat, sweaty hands and all.

My guess is that McPike’s people are doing exactly what he asked of them – to be aggressive. But when he got caught by a savvy woman at the door, he immediately threw the canvasser under the bus.

Looks like a window into the man’s character and temperament to me.


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  1. Women get the same treatment from phone canvassers for Kathleen Murphy in the 34th. They cannot comprehend that their phony ‘war on women’ doesn’t resonate when there are so many more important issues. Since then I’ve learned that Kathleen Murphy has problems paying HER taxes on time. What is up with Democrats? Can’t wait to pass tax laws but have difficulty paying them…..that list is very long, including one past Sec. of the US Treasury!!!

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