Haymarket Building Glass Houses For Sanctimonious Hypocrite Politicians

If you thought there were problems at the county level of government in Prince William County, look at what happens when you drill down even further into local government.

Potomac Local and the Gainesville Times have covered somewhat extensively  the actions involving some Town of Haymarket officials in Prince William County.  In censuring Councilman Jay Tobias, these few sanctimonious hypocrites on the Town Council asserted at various times that the censure and fine was the result of a long history of unspecified bad behavior, not simply a single “reprehensible” alcohol-related event on Haymarket Day, while at other times stating that it was because of his alcohol consumption in relation to that one event.

Why do I say that these individuals are sanctimonious hypocrites?  You know what they say about people who live in glass houses or more accurately in today’s day and age, people who have Facebook pages.   Just look at what one can find on the pages belonging to a town councilwoman and the mayor’s wife.

In the “3 drunks in a tub” photograph below, the middle individual is Councilwoman Katherine Harnest and the one on the right is Councilwoman Mary Lou Scarbrough, the two who made the most dramatic statements in open session about behavior.

3 drunks in a tub

Council member Mary Lou Scarbrough, who joined Aitken, Leake and council member Katherine Harnest in the majority on the censure votes, added, “We should all be accountable for our actions.”Gainesville Times

INDEED!  I believe the term you are looking for right now is, “BUSTED!”

The photo below speaks for itself, although I would note that the woman on the right is Haymarket Mayor David Leake’s wife who reportedly started this whole chain of events with an alleged public incident back in August.


This doesn’t even touch on the FOIA request and open meeting violations admitted by the fourth hypocrite, Councilman Steven Aitken that are openly discussed in the Gainesville Times article.

It certainly appears that the home building industry is experiencing a boom in the construction of glass houses in western Prince William these days.


8 thoughts on “Haymarket Building Glass Houses For Sanctimonious Hypocrite Politicians

  1. Sooo let me get this right… Drinking in a private home and drinking responsibly at an event is comparable to being arrested for and being drunk in public, belligerent, and making a public scene? This is what grasping at straws sounds like. Bring on your rocks.

    1. For the time being the DIP is an issue for the court and I don’t see anything about belligerent behavior. The greater issue seems to be the throwing of the first stone. I suspect most if not all of the individuals involved have their share of public and private skeletons in the closet. Thus this appears to be a classic case of the pots calling the kettle black. The only odd circumstance is that most public officials, at all levels, don’t flaunt similar behavior on Facebook days after condemning others. Whether the behavior actually occurred in public or private is largely irrelevant once its posted on Facebook for all to see. Frankly, I’m not sure which is worse, one off public behavior or the arrogance of posting the “private” behavior. The latter suggests either a great deal of immaturity or the arrogance of station, neither is becoming of public figures and in this case elected officials. BTW if “three drunks in a tub” is your idea of “drinking responsibly” I would be curious to see what qualifies as drinking irresponsibly.

    2. Oh Katherine,
      Yes it does start to get confusing when one gets so easily manipulated! When what appeared to be friendships get put to the way side to help with others personal vendettas, intentional or not, it is truly a sad day. It’s a social site Ms. Harnest! It is very easy to view ones information no matter how careful we are. When one is involved in the political realm at any level, even easier. An innocent like or comment from just one, makes it almost viral. Six degrees of separation! If it had come directly from your friends list, as you have said, and yes to just one wrong person, wouldn’t the resolution have been cleaner, like the one from Mrs. Leake’s page. It’s remarkable how much one can miss seeing when they want to jump on a bandwagon for whatever reason they may have.
      I thought my fellow blogger here at Virginia Virtucon was only going to need to do one simple little blog, but after reading your comment to the post, this could be interesting and I imagine more of the local political bloggers (Moonhowlings, The Derecho, The Sheriff to name a few you can follow) will start to keep an eye on Haymarket and what antics may follow!

      Quite a disappointment with the good things I have heard about you through the grapevine, oddly enough coming from those you were so easily able to dismiss. It will be interesting to see if you are hypocritical in all aspects of your life, or if you are capable of owning up to your own mistakes!

      I have always tried to stay out of the Haymarket wannabe important political drama with the Federal, State and County Governments providing actual issues to draw upon, and have kept my blog limited over the years with stories, with the exception of a couple of Town elections. But I have to admit that the current insanity flowing through Haymarket has grabbed my attention. When I post about the Town, I will email you the link to my site.

  2. Hello, forest for the trees, the drinking and behavioral questions pale to the latter issues. Who really cares if they beat the hell out of each with personal sniping attacks, the larger issue is that some apparently don’t understand the rules or are willfully ignoring them. There is no excuse for the impression that multiple FOIA and opening meeting violations have occurred and tolerating that behavior is how we end up with people like Marty and Corey on the BOCS.

  3. The bigger issue here is the constant bad conduct by town officials at town meeting and a local town watering hole. It seems like Tobias, Weir, Kenworthy and Baird can not conduct themselves in an adult, professional way. The town has some real serious issues that need tending to such as the Police Chief and his conduct and inability to run his department. Anyone seen the chief lately????Who has that much vacation time? Anyone monitoring his time sheets. Here of the statement stealing taxpayers money.

  4. Can anyone please explain why this kind of behavior goes on in the Town of Haymarket. We have council member getting drunk and fighting in public. Council members arguing at council meetings, a council member and the Chief of Police having an affair and seeing each other while the Chief is on duty and in a public building, a police chief that works when he wants, takes off when he wants and has lost the respect and confidents of all of his employees. I believe that most town residents, if asked, would like to see the chief removed. I know the brass at Prince William Police Department would. Just ask them.

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