So, Michelle Obama Didn’t Know Her Princeton Classmate Who Won The No Bid Contract?

Following the revelation that the Senior Vice President of CGI, the company that won the no-bid contract to develop the $630 million (and counting) debacle that is, was a classmate of Michelle Obama’s from Princeton, Obama defenders quickly rushed out to say that she didn’t know Toni Townes-Whitley.

Yeah, right.  Explain this then


Then there is word that the two Princeton ’85 classmates are both members of the Association of Black Princeton Alumni.  Now we learn that back in school they were both members of the Organization of Black Unity (OBU) and the Third World Center (TWC).

Today, there are roughly 1,300 undergrad students in each class at Princeton for a total of around 5,200.  In 1980 the black population in the U.S. was 11.7%, growing to 12.1% in 1990. Even if the black population at Princeton in 1985 mirrored that of the general population, there would only be roughly 150 African-American classmates in her class. Given the fact that even today the Princeton student body is only 8% black, that only translates into just over 100 students per graduating class.

Now think back 30 years.  There is no way that the Princeton student body was 8% African American in 1985.  Even if it were and we were to assume the student body was 50% male and 50% female, that narrows the universe of black women in the Princeton Class of 1985 down to no more than 50 (given the time period that we are talking about, I would be surprised if there were than 30 in her class.)  That universe surely would shrink even smaller once you get down to those who were members of both the OBU and TWC.

Anyone still want to maintain that Michelle Obama didn’t know this woman?  Looks like crony capitalism applies to the friends of the First Lady, too…