Virtucon Money Bomb For David Ramadan

Donate to Del. David Ramadan TODAY!

Dear Friends & Neighbors,

The numbers are out. My opponent and his out of state friends (Howard Dean, Bloomberg and the unions) have spent over $800,000 so far on their campaign to unseat me. And they are on track to hit $1million by Election Day — spending it all on negative attacks full of lies and false accusations. But they are still behind in the polls.

Please mark your calendar to come out and vote on Tuesday; I’m humbly asking for your vote to continue my bi-partisan work on practical transportation solutions -including fighting the high tolls on the Greenway- along with jobs and education. I also need your support over the next 6 days. We need to raise $9,300 for our ‘Get Out the Vote’ effort. Can you donate today $100, $50, $25, or even $5?

1. Display a Re-Elect David Ramadan sign in your front yard (most HOAs including South Riding allow yard signs within 14 days -so you are safe to display one).

Request a sign today and we will deliver one to you within 24 hours:
2. Volunteer: Can you give us two hours of your time this week, on the weekend or on Election Day? Please let me know; we need your help.
Note: Absentee Voting is already in progress; please see details below. Thank you for your support.
David Ramadan