WashPo Says People Losing Their Health Insurance Plans Is A Good Thing

I kid you not.  In today’s Washington Post, their lead editorial is about the millions of people who are now receiving notices from their insurance companies that their health insurance plans are being cancelled and how that is somehow a good thing.

Under the headline of “Coverage under health-care law may change — for the better“, the Post writes:

PRESIDENT OBAMA famously claimed that Americans who liked their insurance plans would be able to keep them under health-care reform. Well, that’s not completely true, nor is it the only example of the Obama administration failing to prepare the public for the Affordable Care Act’s phase-in. And it was one of the only things Republicans at a House Ways and Means Committee Hearing on Tuesday wanted to talk about.

Some Americans are starting to get ominous-sounding letters about their health-care coverage. Insurance provider Florida Blue, for example, is canceling 300,000 bare-bones insurance plans that aren’t up to the Affordable Care Act’s standards. Customers can transition onto better quality — but more expensive — plans.

Apparently, the Post thinks that people being forced to purchase more expensive plans with much higher deductibles is a positive. Never mind that as consumers they might want to keep a more bare-bones plan that they liked and didn’t have to pay as much for.  Not everyone wants or needs what the Post says are “better quality” plans, so why should they be compelled to pay for them?  If they wanted  and can afford such plans, there is nothing stopping them from getting them now.

Leave it to the Washington Post to think that they (and government bureaucrats) know what is better for you than you do yourself.


2 thoughts on “WashPo Says People Losing Their Health Insurance Plans Is A Good Thing

  1. I found out that my premiums through my company are “only” going up 10% this year. I truly feel bad for the folks who either lost their insurance or found that their premiums are going up by insane amounts. Make no mistake, this issue is NOT hersay, it is NOT incidental, and it is NOT going away anytime soon.

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