LG Candidate Ralph Northam Refuses To Shake The Hand Of A Black Man

It is tradition based upon manners and common decency that at the end of candidate debates or forums that each candidate will shake one another’s hand as a show of good sport.

Apparently, Democrat candidate for Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam missed that memo.

Not to worry, GOP LG candidate E.W. Jackson extended his hand to Northam in such a gesture, so you would expect it to be reciprocated.


So, Jackson extended his hand EVEN FURTHER, practically into Northam’s hand.

Still nothing.

northamFinally, Jackson just gives up.



Why wouldn’t Northam shake Jackson’s hand?

Is Northam oblivious, clueless or racist?

Why wouldn’t Northam shake the hand of a black man?

Watch the full exchange here in the second video and the non-shake at the 6:30 mark


22 thoughts on “LG Candidate Ralph Northam Refuses To Shake The Hand Of A Black Man

  1. Northam is a racist. He views any black conservative as uppity because they are off the Democrat plantation.

  2. I hate to think it is racist and should not be used to incense racism as a forum. That is beneath the integrity of such an honorable man and his campaign. It was totally disrespectful not to shake the hand of E.W. Jackson, this is a man I am voting for. Look at how Obama has disrespected our military getting off a plane and not returning a salute? The officer was white. It did not cross MY mind that he was racist!! Just plain disrespectful. Why do people want to go backwards to everything that Martin Luther achieved, now that is disrespectful also. Stop already!

  3. Every time I see the President getting off an aircraft, he has always saluted……YOU have the wrong story on this and I suspect you don’t have the correct message about Northam……….something else is missing……..and you just don’t want to say anything……..how about the rest of the story!!

    1. What rest of the story? EW offered his hand. Ralph refused to acknowledge it. Heck, during the entire interview he refused to LOOK at EW. What a jerk.

    2. All I know is that when one candidate goes off the charts with comments, the other candidate declines acknowledgement…….could this be the reason? Northam, as you should know, could notham have gotten this far in politics and be a rascist>

    3. Take racism out of it. He was offered a hand. He refused to shake. A gentleman (or gentlewoman) would have taken it.

  4. Alex Brandon

    Candidates for Virginia Lt. Governor, Republican E.W. Jackson, left, and Democrat Ralph S. Northam shake hands after a debate at George Mason University, Tuesday, Sept. 24, 2013 in Arlington, Va.

    1. the last time I had someone refuse to shake my hand I later realized he was a bigot… At the time I didn’t understand it. Old habits are hard to break…especially if Jackson got the better of the Northam and he feels he’s superior… We still have people like that in this country…they usually do a better job of hiding it…

  5. “Could notham have gotten this far in politics and be a racist?”

    Of course — he’s a Demonrat. They are racists. They treat Blacks like they are incapable of negotiating a fair wage for their work and incapable of getting a good job or a good education without quotas. The demonrats push policies that destroy Black families and Black businesses, murder Black babies, and keep Blacks dependent on the state.

  6. This is too funny…. The Dems just don’t get it do they… lol. They are the ones generally calling the Republicans Racist! Now that the shoe is on the other foot…. it’s time we stop baiting racism????

  7. maybe he is just a jerk regardless of the Color. we all need to stop making anything about color, even if that is HIS reasoning. he’s a jerk and those come in all colors.

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