Bob McDonnell Weighs In For The GOP Ticket

This is a clear message from Gov. Bob McDonnell to Establishment Republicans – get out and vote for the entire GOP ticket tomorrow. These nominees may not have been the ones that you would have preferred, but they are head and shoulders better than the Democrat alternatives. Don’t make Virginia suffer for four years out of spite. Politics is a two-way street and conservatives back our nominees regardless of whether that is who they supported in the nomination. The Establishment must return the favor now that it is their turn.

Dear Friend,

Tomorrow, voters all across Virginia will head to the polls to cast their ballots in the 2013 election. The stakes could not be higher and today I’m asking you to please vote for our Republican ticket.

Four years ago today I was standing at the State Capitol talking to the press about our historic sweep that had occurred the night before. Thanks to your support, help and hard work we received the most votes of any candidate for governor in Virginia history. We won localities from Fairfax to Buchanan. And with that strong support, we got to work.

Together with Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling and our next governor, Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, we set about putting in place common-sense conservative policies that would get positive results for our people. Here’s what Republican leadership has achieved:

  • Over the last four years over 167,000 net new jobs have been created in Virginia
  • The state unemployment rate has fallen from 7.4 percent to 5.8 percent today; the lowest unemployment rate in the Southeast and the 3rd-lowest east of the Mississippi
  • We’ve posted four straight budget surpluses totaling nearly 2 billion dollars. That’s the first time a Virginia administration has put up four consecutive surpluses since the administration of Governor George Allen in the 1990’s
  • We passed Virginia’s first major transportation funding plan since 1986, finally addressing a challenge that had been impeding economic growth and hurting our citizens’ quality of life for nearly 30 years
  • We made college more affordable and accessible, adding 14,000 new slots for undergraduate students and seeing the lowest average yearly tuition increases in a decade
  • We reduced the unfunded liabilities in our pension system by 9 billion dollars
  • We put in place new innovative programs and policies in our K-12 system to give students, parents and teachers more resources, accountability and choice
  • And just a month ago, named Virginia “America’s Best State for Business.”

THAT is what Republican leadership looks like!

More Virginians are working. Our economy is stronger. Transportation and education are well funded. Virginia is on the right track.

Now, we need to keep that progress going by electing Ken Cuccinelli, E.W. Jackson and Mark Obenshain!

Republican leadership has gotten results. Tomorrow, let’s keep building this “Commonwealth of Opportunity” by electing our great Republican ticket to lead Virginia forward for four more years.


Bob McDonnell
Governor of Virginia

P.S: if you get this email and you happen to live in New Jersey, I hope you’ll vote tomorrow for my friend, and the Garden State’s great governor, Chris Christie!


5 thoughts on “Bob McDonnell Weighs In For The GOP Ticket

  1. Letter from McDonnell that was NOT sent out to Establishment Republicans (but should’ve been) :

    “Dear Republicans,

    I knew it! We should’ve had a primary, which would’ve limited the right-wingers in our party from hijacking the ticket with extreme candidates who can’t win the general election. I’m still a bit salty that Cuccinelli put his selfish interests above that of our party, by bullying his way onto the ticket via a nominating convention. Oh well.

    McAuliffe is a very weak candidate. Very weak. I’m still not sure what he stands for, other than he wants to win the election. Obama’s favorable are really low lately. Really low. Plus, it’s an off-year election where the party not in the White House almost always wins. Despite such HUGE advantages for us, the Republicans will be moving out of the Governor’s mansion soon.

    This is ridiculous.

    -Gov. McDonnell

  2. P.S: if you get this email and you happen to live in New Jersey, I hope you’ll vote tomorrow for my friend, and the Garden State’s great governor, Chris Christie!

    P.P.S. if you suffer from chronic pain, I highly recommend that you get some Anatabloc. I suffered from the chronic pain of having to pay my own bills, and then along came Anatabloc. Now I have Rolexes and vacations aplenty. My results may not be typical and individual results may vary.

  3. Yes, very early (late 2011) ‘primary’ polls had Cooch with a huge lead over Bolling. But… (1) Those were very early polls. Remember the early polls during the Repub contest for 2012 Presidential nominee? At various points, Perry & Gingrich each had 12-13% leads over Romney; even Santorum had a 7-8% lead over Romney at one point. (2) If Cooch-supporters were so confident with the traditional primary, why change to a convention? (3) Polls in spring 2012 (e.g. Roanoke College poll) had Cooch leading by just under 20%, with a huge 45% of voters undecided.

    Even if Republican voters favored Cooch over Bolling, that’s NOT going to win elections for Repub’s. THE question is who’s more likely to beat the Dem nominee (i.e., by winning Moderates, and to a lesser extent, turning out the Repub base). Cooch might whip up the base more, but on Election Day, what does that get you?— that gets you a whipped up 30% of voters who are self-ID’s as ‘Repub’ + another 10-13% of middle voters = Cooch loses.

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