DPVA Calls Del. Lingamfelter, Tells Him Cuccinelli SUPPORTS Obamacare and Public Financing of Abortion

Gee, think the Democrats are getting antsy about their chances tomorrow?  Just get a load of what the DPVA is doing according to Del. Scott Lingamfelter who received a robocall from them last night.

About 25 minutes ago (7:24 PM 3 November) the Democratic Party of Virginia dropped a robo-call (that they said they paid for in the recording) at MY house to try to tell ME that Ken Cuccinelli supports Obamacare and public financing of abortion!!! Virginia, pa-leeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezzz understand that the party that wants Terry McAuliffe to be your governor will flat lie about anything! If you want proof that they will say ANYTHING to gain power over you and your life, you need go no further than the “robo-lies” they are sending around Virginia this Sunday evening. They are shameless in their tactics. (I guess they are trying to suppress GOP voters.)


6 thoughts on “DPVA Calls Del. Lingamfelter, Tells Him Cuccinelli SUPPORTS Obamacare and Public Financing of Abortion

    1. But I certainly would not take such comments seriously. i mean really!!! They are beyond bizarre in my humble opinion…………….good luck tomorrow..i think………..I mean good wishes……….I will be manning our forces at a local elementary school towards the end of the election day …..and always have an amicable time with my Republican cohorts!!!

  1. ps…….I had a rep couple come to my door 2 weeks ago and they tod me that McAuliffe supports abortion at any term……….all tax-funded……..I politely told them that was a crock………and I suppose YOU will tell me the same…please don’t!!!

    1. I won’t tell you anything. You can make up your own mind based upon the sources below.

      Here is what factcheck.org said:


      And here is audio of McAuliffe and a transcript of what he said in answer to two questions on the issue.


      While things can be open to interpretation, the DPVA call is demonstrably false and 180 degrees from Cuccinelli’s record and positions. Heck, it is even at odds with the ads that McAuliffe is running against Cuccinelli!

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