Kudos to LoCo Sup. Matt Letourneau for being a team player

Loudoun County Supervisor Matt Letourneau is hereby imparted with the Thor’s Hammer seal of approval for being such a team player.  Matt sent out the following email last night not to tout or raise money for himself, but to bolster the candidacy of another.

Thor's Hammer
Thor’s Hammer

A Message from Supervisor Matt Letourneau

Dear Neighbor,

It has been a pleasure to serve on the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors over the past two years. Our region has many challenges, but we’ve made great progress by jumpstarting much needed road projects, accelerating school construction, and bringing new businesses to Loudoun.

Today, however, I’m writing you about the upcoming election. I know by now you’re probably sick of all the mail, all of the phone calls, and all of the negative ads. So am I. But when you go vote on November 5, you’ll be making a decision about who should be our Delegate from the 87th District, and to a local elected official like me, that decision is very important.

I’ll cut to the chase: David Ramadan is the best representative our area could possibly have in Richmond, and I’m writing to ask you to vote for him.

When David and I were elected together in 2011, we promised a partnership. We both know that our area is crippled with terrible traffic and that we need more jobs in Loudoun. Since that time, we’ve worked extremely closely together on project after project, and we’re getting results.

David and I talk almost every day, sometimes for hours late at night, about what we can do for our districts. When I need help with something that involves the Commonwealth, he’s the first person I call—and he’s never failed to drop what he’s doing to assist me.

For instance, I worked to appropriate $1.2 million from Loudoun County to fund a much needed improvement at the intersection of Braddock and Pleasant Valley Road, and David and others from our delegation got a match from the state. In September, I learned that the cost estimates for the improvement had gone up, and we now had a shortfall of over $1 million, placing the project in jeopardy. I called David; he went to work on VDOT, and as usual—he came through with the money from the state to allow the project to move forward.

David’s work on the Dulles Greenway has been remarkable. He has single handedly taken on a major international corporation that is holding Loudoun commuters hostage. His research has led to a major State investigation into the Greenway’s practices, and he literally did it all by himself, with his own money. Now Loudoun County has gotten involved to provide him with support and amplify the voice of the citizens who are demanding lower tolls. Other politicians talk about the Greenway—David is actually doing something that represents our best chance yet to finally get some relief.

Route 606 needs to be widened. This project has been identified as the top priority for the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors. Loudoun County did our part by committing $40 million to the project. David made sure that the state did theirs, and pushed for a full match from the Commonwealth, which we received. Now the project is proceeding, and we’ve just signed an agreement with VDOT and the Airports Authority to get the project moving.

During this past session, funding for Northern Virginia schools through the “cost to compete” program was in jeopardy. David led the fight—including with some members of his own party—to ensure that the money was restored in the budget and Loudoun and Prince William got what we needed, preventing a huge shortfall that would have sent both local governments scrambling.

I could go on and on, because there are many examples of things he’s done—from intersection issues to his work with the Business Development Caucus he founded to focus members of the General Assembly on specific legislative items to improve job creation.

There’s one final reason why I felt that I had to write this letter. David’s opponent, John Bell, has spent over $800,000 on a disgraceful campaign full of character attacks and outright lies. I know those are strong words, but that’s the truth. John Bell wants you to think that David is somehow unethical. I’ve personally known David and his family for years—and nothing could be further from the truth. The truth is that David is the type of person who would give you the shirt off his back—the type that you know you can rely on if you need help and don’t know who else to call. He’s always been that way. I don’t have the space in this letter to rebut each of the attacks that Bell has made—but I know the details of each and every one of them and they’re all false. In fact, some of them are so misleading that they made my stomach turn. John Bell’s campaign is everything I don’t like about politics.

In contrast, David’s campaign has been about issues and accomplishments. He’s got a record to run on, and it’s a good one. David cast thousands of votes during his first term in Richmond. He’s been remarkably effective for a freshman—he authored more bills that became law than any other freshman Delegate. However, with all those votes on all those issues, there is probably some individual vote or issue that you may not agree with him on, and maybe even a few that I don’t agree with too. But his record is also being distorted by his opponent and by a whole slew of special interests groups that couldn’t even find our community on a map and are simply pushing a particular agenda. The reality is, with that many votes—it is virtually impossible to agree with someone on everything. What’s really important is that David is constantly fighting for us, and he’s making a huge difference.

We need David Ramadan back in Richmond. Having him there makes the job easier for local government officials like me. If we send him back, he’ll keep working just as hard for us. I hope you’ll join Margaret and me in voting for David on November 5.

Matthew F. Letourneau
Loudoun County Board of Supervisors, Dulles District
Chairman, Economic Development Committee

Compare that to a recent email from Pr. William Co. Chair Corey Stewart sent on Oct. 25:


The next election at the county level is not until 2015, yet he is raising money for it now in the midst of elections for Governor (featuring his own constituent Ken Cuccinelli), Lt. Governor (the office for which he contended earlier this year), Attorney Gen., and House of Delegates.  Furthermore, Stewart and some of his allegedly GOP cohorts on the county board have sat idly by and not lifted a finger to help their Republican colleagues on the ballot tomorrow. (With Peter Candland, Mike May and even Marty Nohe being the exceptions – kudos to each of them for helping out the ticket in various ways.)

This is especially galling in that today’s Washington Post ran a front page article about how Pr. William Co. has become THE bellweather county in the state that swings statewide elections.  Just remember, it has been the development policies of a Republican-led county board over the past decade-plus that has put the county into play.  When they approve lots of high density projects at the request of their developer campaign funders, what did they expect would happen?  Fools and knaves.  I have no use for thee!