McAuliffe Refuses To Respond To Hibernians’ Letter Calling For Clarification Or Apology

The following letter was sent out to Virginia members of the Ancient Order of Hibernians.

Brothers and Sisters,

The attached letter was sent to Candidate McAuliffe over a month ago. To date, I have no response. I find it galling, elitist and reprehensible that a Candidate to be the Chief Executive of our Commonwealth has no problem insulting his constituency and refuses to clarify his comments or apologize for them. Remember this as you go to the polls tomorrow.


In Friendship, Unity and Christian Charity,


Bruce A. Denault
Virginia State Board
Ancient Order of Hibernians
In America


One thought on “McAuliffe Refuses To Respond To Hibernians’ Letter Calling For Clarification Or Apology

  1. Really? McAuliffe made a self-deprecating joke about Irish-Catholics working out issues over a drink, and this is “reprehensible”?!?! I don’t know anything about the Ancient Order of Hibernians, but the leader of their organization needs to relax a bit and stop trying to churn up non-news and unwarranted attention. Look at the guy’s demand letter to McAuliffe– it’s not about communicating, rather it’s a demand for (1) an apology, or (2) an assertion McAuliffe was misquoted. How about a third option– McAuliffe made the comment, and it’s nothing to get all worked up about.

    Seriously, this letter sounds like what a hyper-sensitive super-politically-correct bleeding-heart Liberal might complain about. McAuliffe didn’t say “you know those people…” or “All Irish-Catholics are drunks” or such.

    Great platform upon which to base your vote– vote for Cuccinelli, because his opponent hurt

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