ELECTION DAY 2013 OPEN THREAD (Continuously Updated)

Keep coming back throughout the day for updates on Election Day 2013. Post your experiences here. How was turnout in your precinct? (Please give your county and precinct name as well as the time you were there.) Any observations about which side appeared to have the advantage in getting their supporters to the polls, etc. We want to hear from YOU!

FINAL UPDATE — It’s over.  Goodnight, Virginia.  Welcome to South Maryland.  Congratulations to everyone who voted for McAuliffe (or who were accessories by way of voting for Sarvis) – you just voted to turn Virginia into the places that you left behind because taxes were too high, regulations were too burdensome, and jobs were too few.

Update 6:45 PM (Riley) – Prince William County, General Turnout –

Here’s the top 21 precincts in terms of turnout in Prince William County as of 3 p.m.  ALL of them went for Bob McDonnell in 2009 (the % is what Bob McD got in that precinct and those with an * were not in existence then and those are Romney’s numbers from 2012.)

Prec #




















* 53%





























Cedar Point






Signal Hill
























Mountain View





















































I’m predicting a COMFORTABLE win in PWC for Cuccinelli & Co. based upon this turnout.  The Democrats just didn’t get their voters to the polls in even their most reliable precincts.

Update 2:55 PM (Riley) – Prince William County, General Turnout – From Inside NOVA we get a view at the county’s early turnout:

As of 10 a.m., voter turnout was 8.77 percent at polling places in Prince William County, according to the county Office of Elections.

Top five precincts in voter turnout (so far) are listed below. Next report due at 3 p.m.

1. Kilby: 19.45 percent
2. Marshall: 16.16 percent
3. McCoart: 15.69 percent
4. Signal Hill: 15.10 percent
5. Washington/Reid: 14.4 percent

Here is how those precincts voted in 2009 —

Kilby: 19.45 percent (53% Deeds – 275 votes)
Marshall: 16.16 percent (67% McDonnell – 616 votes)
McCoart: 15.69 percent (*N/A 2009 / 2012 53% Romney – 918 votes)
Signal Hill: 15.10 percent (69% McDonnell – 827 votes)
Washington/Reid: 14.4 percent (58% McDonnell – 683 votes)

As the Washington Post wrote just yesterday, Prince William County is THE swing county in Virginia. It appears that, at least early on, the very solid Republican precincts are performing the best. That has to be extremely troubling for Democrats.

Update 3:00 PM (Thor’s Hammer) – General Turnout – Went back to check out Blue Virginia again. They seem to be pleased that McAuliffe appears to be doing better in Arlington than Creigh Deeds did. Let’s see how that works out for them…

More from their comments:

Prince William County
Just voted at Battlefield High School in western Prince William County. Voter number 664. Was told that turnout was high.
by: janmaxwell @ Tue Nov 05, 2013 at 16:16:45 PM UTC

664 is high
Total turnout in ’09 Battlefield was 1481. There’s been some pretty high population growth in Western PW, but that’s still high for 11am.

Unfortunately, Battlefield is a ruby red district. 76% McDonnell.
by: knopfler @ Tue Nov 05, 2013 at 16:26:09 PM UTC

Update 2:10 PM (Thor’s Hammer) – Fairfax County, Bucknell precinct – We just heard the same thing from someone who cast a ballot at 11:30 a.m. today in the Bucknell precinct at Bryant School on Popkins Lane in the Fairfax portion of Alexandria. Only four voters in the entire place. This was a 64% Creigh Deeds precinct in 2011.

Update 2:00 PM (Thor’s Hammer) – Arlington County, Gunston precinct – Long-time friend of Virtucon reports that he just voted at the Gunston Community Center in Arlington. He had a 3 hour wait last year, but was in and out in 3 mins today. He went at the same time too. Don’t believe the hype that turnout in Arlington is off the charts. It isn’t, but more in line with 2009 which must have the D’s scared to death.

Update 1:05 PM (Thor’s Hammer) – Prince William County, Cedar Point precinct – Roughly 700 out of the 3500 registered voters (20%) have already cast their ballots. This precinct went for Bob McDonnell with 66% of the vote 4 years ago.

Update 10:45 AM (Jesionowski) – found an interesting bit of advertisement n the web regarding the election:

Find Your Polling Place


Do you know where you’re voting today? Confirm where you vote!

This sort of thing will target Democrats, because they are drawn to the name.  It is simple.  It works.  The Democrats are far more savvy when it comes to use of the web and social media.    The message of economic freedom and small government translating into individual liberty requires the GOP to stop advertising using the latest tech from the 20th century.

Update 10:45 AM (Riley) – Prince William County, Swans Creek precinct – My wife just voted and there was no one there. She walked right in to an empty polling place. Last year, the wait time during the day was in the 2 hour range. As she was exiting, she ran into one of our neighbors who is another reliable GOP voter. Our son’s daycare provider voted earlier this morning (for the GOP ticket) at Swans Creek and reported that there was no one in there. Dems are not turning out in PWC in the kinds of numbers they need to carry the county.

Update 10:05 AM (Thor’s Hammer) – General Turnout – Just perusing the forums over at Blue Virginia to see what they have to say. Of interest:

Out In the Valley…Heavier Turnout Than Expected
Of the 4 Wards in Waynesboro, the highest turnout thus far is in the reddest. But there were voters waiting at 6AM at every one.


Voters 93 and 94 in Falls Church
at 7:30 this morning. No line, but passed another school en route to metro and it looks a lot busier.


In Charlottesville
I’m at an almost completely student precinct in Charlottesville, and turnout is, to put it mildly, “light.”

In 2012 this precinct, Venable, had 1638 votes (out of 3100 registered – so 52.8% turnout).

As of 9:30 AM, we have 134 votes (4.3% turnout – yikes, not sure what that’s on track for, though half the students probably aren’t awake yet).

Update 9:14 (Steve Albertson) – Stafford turnout so far (non-scientific) running at about 12-15% by 9:00 AM in generally GOP precincts. Consistent with overall turnout by the end of the day in the neighborhood of 35-40%. [Update: these numbers are for heavy GOP precincts…some mixed precincts with turnout at around 7-8%.]

Update 8:25 AM – Prince William County, Brentsville precinct – PWC GOP Chairman Bill Card posts this photo of Ken Cuccinelli going in to vote.


Update 8:15 AM – City of Alexandria, NOVA Arts Center precinct – Extremely light turnout in this Dem heavy precinct. No waiting line at all.

Update 7:46 AM (Riley) – Prince William County, Dumfries precinct – No one waiting outside town hall to vote. Only signs for the 3 statewide Republican candidates and the unopposed Democrat incumbent Delegate, Luke Torian. No Democrat statewide candidate signs. Three 4’x8′ Cuccinelli signs plus one each for Jackson and Obenshain in the town limits.

Update 6:46 AM (Riley) – Prince William County, Swans Creek precinct – In this Dem heavy precinct that President Obama won twice and even Creigh Deeds carried in 2009, turnout at 6 a.m. was no more than 1/20th of what it was last year at the opening of the polls. In the morning rush of people voting before going to work, I waited for less than 10 minutes total. Republicans had 2-3 volunteers, numerous yard signs for everyone on the ticket, and were handing out sample ballots. The Democrats sent one volunteer who didn’t show up until 6:15 when he put out a handful of ticket signs (no signs for their candidate for Delegate at all.) I’m guessing that by the end of the day turnout here won’t match 2009 and may even be more analogous to an off- off-year election when state senate seats are up. By the time I left at 6:40, there was NO waiting line at all to vote.


21 thoughts on “ELECTION DAY 2013 OPEN THREAD (Continuously Updated)

  1. LIght to low moderate (i.e., 1-2 minute wait vs. long lines in “big” years) this morning at Cherrydale Precinct in North Arlington — a heavily Democratic area, needless to say.

  2. Uneventful vote this morning in Arlington. Feel bad for the 89 year old woman who fell down the stairs at the voting place, though she seemed to be fine.

  3. FWIW, I was voter #13 in Suffolk at 6:15 AM. As it’s the first time I voted in the city, I have no idea what that means.

  4. Strong and Steady turnout at Providence elementary in Chesterfield. Good reception for Ken’s paraphernalia. 765 at 10:50.

  5. Voted at 8am in Stone South, blue precinct in a purple area of Western Ffx County. We were 61 and 62, no line. That’s extremely far behind the presidential years and behind 2009 as well.

  6. Yet again this year I had someone in front of me who spoke no English, had a pamphlet instead of a voter card and had to fill out a form for assistance because they couldn’t speak English. I have a family member who had to speak English to take the citizenship test. I asked the poll worker about that and she just shrugged her shoulders. Personally, I believe voter fraud is rampant in this state, especially in Prince William County.

  7. Patty, I presume that the local poll volunteers (who tend to be ‘real’ Americans, of course ) can determine whether this non-English-speaking voter is committing voter fraud rampantly in Prince William County. Please cite any authority that says, as you believe, voters must pass a language test, and we all can consider that.

    I’m curious if this person who upset you so much was actually a registered voter, or was a non-registered. Maybe this was the person’s first time voting, in spite of his/her weak English skills, in which case we should celebrate the exercise of this right, not attack it. Maybe this person earnestly believed in good faith he/she could vote, but misunderstood how and when to register. If so, it would be kind to try to help this person. God bless America for this human being to take the time to show up, compared with thousands of Virginians who won’t bother to vote today.

    You “believe” there’s rampant voter fraud in VA? Really? Too bad the Commonwealth, League of Woman Voters, or any conservative organizations have never thought to study this before . One anecdote- I googled ‘VA voter fraud’ and came across a story of a man working for the Republican party who was charged with throwing out voter registrations applications… http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-250_162-57535950/man-charged-after-tossing-voter-registration-forms-in-virginia/ . What does that prove? I’m not sure– it’s only ONE person, and I no other evidence to the contrary.

    Is it your “belief” that non-English-speaking persons are colluding to risk incarceration & deportation, somehow repeatedly slip by poll workers who check ID’s, illegally vote, and boost their candidate net votes by what… 5 extra votes? 50 extra votes? 100 extra votes? Oh, and if this supposed ‘fraud’ is on the magnitude you seem to “believe”, then this far-reaching conspiracy should be super easy for some party poll watcher or poll volunteer to witness.

    Good grief, the sky isn’t falling just because your version of Virginia doesn’t match up with reality. Show this person some grace.

  8. All I know is that my loved one had to speak English to take the citizenship test. That’s a fact. It’s also a well known fact that we do have illegal aliens living in our county. Some of them have been arrested for committing crimes. For the life of me I can’t understand how some of them obtained a driver’s license but I attended a NW meeting conducted by members of the police department who gave a presentation about a bust of a fraudulent ID ring operating in this county. I have documentation of that. So please, don’t tell me there is no such thing as voter fraud.

  9. I agree that the fed’l gov’t test to become a Naturalized citizen requires some degree of English proficiency– http://www.uscis.gov/citizenship/learners/study-test . I agree that anyone coming to the U.S. ought to want to learn English. I’m glad to see that part of the Naturalization test requires some English-speaking and reading.

    I agree we have a bazillion people in the U.S. who are not lawful residents. I agree that some of them commit crimes. That I’ve seen, most research shows that the crime rate for U.S.-born persons is higher than for foreign-born persons. We never hear about the many people illegal in the U.S. who never commit crimes [excepting of course the fact their mere unlawful presence is a crime]. Many websites arguing that ‘illegals commit a lot of crime’ seem to use individual stories to try to prove the broad conclusion, and numbers to show ‘lots of aliens commit crimes.’ That’s not the same as proving a higher propensity by aliens to commit crimes.

    Pre-9/11, ‘illegals’ could more easily get driver’s licenses b/c DMV’s didn’t require proof of lawful residency. Now, DMV requires 2 forms of current, valid ID’s showing lawful residency. If an ‘illegal’ had a license prior to this residency requirement, they very well might still have that license if they stayed out of serious traffic trouble, never had their license suspended/revoked, and renewed it timely. Or, a person could enter the U.S. lawfully on a work permit, be lawfully here, get a driver’s license, then the work permit expires, but they keep the license. Thus, an ‘illegal’ possessing a driver’s license does not prove ID fraud.

    Yes, criminals make fake ID’s. Sometimes, these operations are widespread and are called a ‘ring’. I’m not sure which P.W. ‘ring’ you learned about– many of them make false social security cards so that ‘illegals’ can get a job; many make fake ID’s so underage kids can buy beer. But, I would be SHOCKED that an ‘illegal’ would spend several hundred to a few thousand dollars to purchase fake ID’s so that they can unlawfully VOTE.

    A good fake of a VA license is extremely difficult– police are very good at spotting a fake VA license. Criminals who use fake licenses rarely have the fake as from the same state they’re driving in– criminals tend to use a fake from a state far away, so the fake is from a state less familiar to the police. A fake license from, let’s say, California or Ohio is NOT going to help you be able to fraudulently vote in VA. Also, it’s incredibly unlikely that ‘illegals’ are driving around with fake VA licenses, who are then pulled over by VA police, and the police are so poorly trained they can’t recognize the fake license. Even if the fake license looked valid, the police run the license #/driver’s info and cross-check it with the actual DMV driver database. Perhaps the ‘fake ID ring’ is able to infiltrate the DMV database and make edits, but likely not so much.

    Voter fraud is not proven by referencing a story about county police busting a fake ID ring. Again, it makes no sense for an ‘illegal’ to buy fake ID’s, unlawfully vote, and risk being busted for that. With a fake Social Security card you can get a job. With a fake ID showing you’re 21, you can buy beer. With a fake license, you are stupidly thinking the police won’t realize it’s fake, but for the moment, you get the feeling that you can get away with driving. However, with fake ID’s to vote, an “illegal alien” gets ….. what?!?! The rush of feeling as if you are a citizenship?!

    1. Yes, it is in their interest to vote. They’re already here illegally and know they can face deportation. They will do everything they can to get people into power who will let them stay.

      Look at this: http://www.fairus.org/issue/illegal-aliens-in-elections-and-the-electoral-college

      Also look at this (probably your favorite news source): http://www.huffingtonpost.com/howard-foster/democrats-benefit-from-illegal-immigrants-voting_b_1418523.html

      So don’t tell me illegal aliens are afraid to vote or don’t vote.

  10. Back to today’s vote. Isn’t it embarrassing that Republicans are praying for a light turnout? The actual majority of people in the state aren’t Republicans, but if they don’t turn out, we can win! Sad, in a funny sort of way.

    1. I don’t want light turnout. I want everyone to consider voting for the GOP because we champion the greatest minority of them all — the individual.

  11. “I’m predicting a COMFORTABLE win in PWC for Cuccinelli & Co. based upon this turnout. The Democrats just didn’t get their voters to the polls in even their most reliable precincts.” — Riley 6:45 pm
    TM 52.4 to KCII’s 43.2.
    Herring 54.6 to Oben 45.2.
    Northam 56.7 to EW 43.

    Blowout in PWC for the Dems.

  12. Well, looks like a couple of things to comment on. First, congratulations to T McA, for becoming the first person to break the 40 plus year pattern of the opposition party winning the Governor’s mansion after losing the White House the previous year and also for becoming the first person in God knows how long to fail to win 50% of the popular vote. He’s provided a winning formula for Democrats to follow: outspend your opponent by about a 4 to 1 margin, if not more, flood the airwaves smearing your opponent regarding social issues (while turning a blind eye to any skulls in your own closet), and win with about a 2% margin (roughly 50,000-60,000 popular votes). To any downhearted Republicans out there, take heart — McA barely had any coattails. Essentially every vulnerable Republican in the House of Delegates won re-election and the chamber still holds a commanding Republican majority of about 67, so McA will not be able to rubber-stamp a liberal agenda. This election was pretty much about picking the best of the worst (although in my view the worst of the worst came out on top), but the end-result is a bitterly divided purplish-colored electorate.

  13. Waaah. The Dems outspent us. Waaah. Cooch looked bad whining about that in his concession. It only happened because big Repub spenders wouldnt spend on Cooch. A Dem otherwise should never outraise a Repub in this state.

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