Meet The Democrats’ Newest Delegate – Michael Futrell

Meet Michael Futrell, the Democrat Delegate-elect in the 2nd Dist. House of Delegates.

In one of his campaign fliers, he claimed to be a “lifelong educator”:

MTF Flier

as he did in this video where he talks about a girl who was a senior in high school that he taught:

Yet, his own resume shows he was a teacher for less than a year and only taught 5th and 6th grades. (City Day School is only K-8.)  So much for being a lifelong educator who would have taught a high school senior

MTF LinkedIn

Then there is this from his “Make The Future” organization website:

Make The Future began with a summer basketball camp in 2010 when Coach Mike and Dr.Bernadine noticed the alarming childhood obesity rates in Prince William County. Armed with the knowledge from being a former professional and college athlete along with a doctorate in education, the two put together a summer program that became the essence of what Make The Future would become. (emphasis added)

I guess if you consider the Lebanon Lancers of the Kentucky Basketball Developmental League to be the “pros” you’d accept this, even if the league’s website is hosted on Tripod (who knew those sites were even still up?)

Furthermore, the Delegate-elect’s “Make The Future” foundation was automatically stripped of its 501(c)(3) nonprofit status by the IRS for failure to file any reports for the past three years.  Despite losing its status back in May, the foundation was still soliciting funds until late August when the media began inquiring about this.  The foundation was also still advertising and charging admission for events that were never held including an “academic enrichment camp” a basketball camp as of late August.

It will be interesting to see how Mr. Futrell does in Richmond.

(This post has been updated to include information relating to Mr. Futrell’s sports background.)


11 thoughts on “Meet The Democrats’ Newest Delegate – Michael Futrell

  1. Riley, I think Michael played college basketball at two different I-A schools. Not sure about the professional athlete part, but why don’t you try emailing him to ask?

    1. Nice way to try and gloss over the questions about his IRS troubles, questionable charity, and outright lie about being a lifelong educator. If you consider the Kentucky Basketball Developmental League to be the pros, then I guess you have a point.

  2. I just googled “Lindsey Wilson College, Michael Futrell” since he lists that school on the linkedin page you have above. This came up:

    The European Basketball league is professional, step below NBA and it looks like he did play there- and he is on the Lindsey Wilson basketball page as an alum who played in that league as well.

    I don’t know about the rest of your stuff, but that seems to settle that he did play college basketball and then played in a professional league.

    1. Like I said, that was just a very minor and mostly irrelevant point. (And most people when they hear professional athelete will think NBA – step below NBA would indicate semi-pro at best so that is definitely stretching the truth.) Everything else that is questioned is right before your eyes there. The flier, his video, his own resume, the link to the City Day School, and the link to the article about his foundation having its tax exempt status stripped by the IRS.

  3. Well, can’t win ’em all. Frankly, seeing as how the GOP has maintained their commanding majority in the House of Delegates, I’d say yesterdays election on the legislative level was a smashing success (despite McA’s 2% win).

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