UPDATED: Obenshain Up By More Than 1,100 Votes With 100% Reporting

And here you thought Bob McDonnell’s race for Attorney General in ’05 was close when he beat Creigh Deeds by only 323 votes.  With 100% reporting, Mark Obenshain leads Mark Herring by just 276 votes:

Obenshain 1,099,412
Herring 1,099,136

Heading for an automatic recount…

UPDATE:  SBE is now reporting the margin is 491 votes.

Obenshain 1,099,630
Herring 1,099,139


Obenshain’s lead has now grown to more than 1,100 votes.


15 thoughts on “UPDATED: Obenshain Up By More Than 1,100 Votes With 100% Reporting

  1. Good. Hopefully Obenshain can hold on. Between that, the GOP holding a strong majority in the House of Delegates, the 2% margin of victory for McA as well as his failure to crack 50%, exit polls showing a majority opposed to ObamaCare, and the largest plurality of independents going to C, it was not as bad a night as it could have been.

    1. Boooooooooooooooooooo Warren……………..sorry loser!!! Did you see Speaker Howell’s comments on McA winning? He is worse that McConnell who threatened to keep Obama from a second Presidency………Loser thru and thru

  2. Ken, as I understand it Scott L won and Dudenhofer lost. The GOPs majority in the H of Ds remains relatively unchanged. So much for McA having coattails. 😉

  3. For all intents and purposes, pretty much every incumbent Republican that the Democrats targeted (such as Rust, Ramadan, Comstock, etc.) won re-election. Support for McA was a mile wide, but only an inch deep. It should also be noted that the larges % of independents voted for C.

  4. Ken, the AG could be very important over the next four years. Let’s say that McAuliffe decides to issue his “advisory opinion” overturning the abortion clinic regulations passed by the HOD last year. Even though no there is no constitutional or statutory authority for the Governor to take such an action and no basis for it to have any power if he does, AG Mark Herring is likely to find some way to give it to McAuliffe anyway. AG Obenshain would have his office issue an opinion saying that nowhere in the Virginia Constitution or in state law is the Governor given such a power, and that would be all.

  5. I’m curious- how does the leader of the minority party, which is what McConnell was at the time of Obama’s first presidential victory- “keep” the President from a second term? Our system simply isn’t set up to allow such a thing.

  6. Quin, that would require some logical thinking. Let’s not assume too much now, as he did indicate that he was voting for McA. 😉

  7. Ken, I disagree with your implication that the A.G. doesn’t do much. Though prior to 2010, the A.G. was mainly quietly in the background, recently the role of our A.G. has expanded. As we saw in the last few years, the Virginia Attorney General can do MANY things, some of which include….

    (1) File a lawsuit in federal court challenging Obamacare on Commerce Clause grounds, and lose before the conservative 4th Circuit Court of Appeals (holding that a state can’t pass a state law to nullify a federal law). Watch the SCOTUS deny cert of your appeal. And if the A.G. still thought the fed’l enactment exceeded Commerce Clause powers, he can read Chief Justice Roberts’ opinion upholding Congress’ enactment of the Affordable Care Act (which necessarily rejected the Commerce Clause argument).

    (2) File an amicus brief joining 8 other state opposing the federal gov’t’s lawsuit challenging Arizona’s immigration enforcement law. While people debate whether a state can preempt fed’l law on enforcement of ‘illegal aliens,’ the A.G. can read a related 2013 SCOTUS opinion (7-2) authored by Scalia that struck down an AZ law that added requirements to the federal motor voter law, because a state can’t preempt fed’l law on this issue.

    (3) Issue an A.G. Opinion telling VA colleges they can NOT sexual orientation as a protected class, despite prior A.G. Opinions from both parties saying otherwise. Then, the A.G. can watch his Governor head in the opposite direction by issuing an Executive Order directing all state agency heads to not discriminate on basis of sexual orientation.

    (4) Delve into federal environmental issues by requesting that the EPA re-open its proceeding that found greenhouse gases are bad for public health. Next, challenge federal CAFE standards announced for increased fuel efficiency standards under the Clean Air Act [which was signed into law by President H.W. Bush. Third, undermine science & academic freedom by suing a UVA professor who was no longer even at UVA, for research papers on global warming. Regarding th UVA lawsuit, get slammed by the Abermarle Circuit Court and the VA Supreme Court for filing such lawsuit in the first place. Hope no one notices that hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees was wasted filing such suit.

    (5) Prior to becoming A.G., after SCOTUS in 2003 decided Lawrence v. TX (holding TX can’t criminalize sodomy between consenting adults in private), while in the General Assembly refuse a common-sense amendment to VA’s sodomy law. Fast forward to 2013, and watch the conservative U.S. Court of Appeals strike down VA’s sodomy law (as being poorly worded in light of Lawrence v. TX), thus reversing the conviction of a 47 year old pedophile repeat offender who met a teen girl in a parking lot and engaged in sodomy with her. Ponder whether you regret not amending the VA sodomy law when you had the chance.

    See, Ken, there’s LOTS our A.G. can do, aside from all the normal job requirements. it seems that the VA A.G. can do just about whatever the heck his conscious and political views move him to do.

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