And the most accurate pollster of 2013 is…

Each election cycle, Virtucon likes to go back and see which pollster was the most accurate with their final poll before the election.  Without further fanfare…

Final Result: McAuliffe +2.5%

1. Emerson College: McAuliffe +2% (off by 0.5%)

2. Wenzel Strategies: McAuliffe +1% (off by 1.5%)

3. (TIE)

Hampton University: McAuliffe +6% (off by 3.5%)

Quinnipiac University: McAuliffe +6% (off by 3.5%)

5. RealClearPolitics Average: McAuliffe +6.7% (off by 4.2%)

6. (TIE)

Christopher Newport University: McAuliffe +7% (off by 4.5%)

Public Policy Polling: McAuliffe +7% (off by 4.5%)

Rasmussen: McAuliffe +7% (off by 4.5%)

9. The Washington Post: McAuliffe +12% (off by 9.5%)

Source: RealClearPolitics and Wenzel Strategies (which was not included in the RCP average, but reported on Virtucon.)


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