Mark Warner On Obamacare Then – You Can Keep Your Health Insurance

U.S. Sen. Mark Warner (D-Virginia) told us, his constituents, that the health care reform law he voted for and defended would not impact anyone’s current insurance policies.  Here he is saying it, in his own words, in a video distributed by his Senate office.

How could he have been so very wrong?  Mark Warner cast the decisive 60th vote in the U.S. Senate for Obamacare, allowing it to overcome Republican opposition and proceed to a final vote.  Warner’s vote has had a disastrous impact on the American economy and stunted the creation of full-time jobs.  He must be held to account for this poor decision.

Because of Mark Warner, millions of Americans who liked their health insurance policies have lost them and now must purchase more expensive plans that in many cases have much higher deductibles.  Mark Warner chose to stand with President Obama instead of the citizens of Virginia on this critical issue.

Join us in standing against Mark Warner and sending him to the unemployment line in Nov. 2014!



12 thoughts on “Mark Warner On Obamacare Then – You Can Keep Your Health Insurance

  1. We should all call Warner’s office. Don’t give information identifying yourself else you will be promptly dispatched to the IRS for invasive probes!

    We need to give this guy the boot in 2014.

    Tell him you look forward to the day he is kicked out.

  2. It is clear to me today that Americans want health care; but they don’t particularly want health insurance.

    Health insurance companies, however, convinced the government that they are instrumental to the delivery of health care, so the government is compelling people to buy that.

    The Administration’s argument is that too many people prefer to be “free riders” — that is, they prefer not to pay for their own insurance while health care reaches an emergency status and is paid for in full by government services (such as emergency rooms)

    1. The answer is let people return to being responsible for themselves. Access to Healthcare is not a right. Freedom requires risk. Risk by its very nature implies unhappy outcomes, even tragedy. The alternative is government control, which in the end leads to even more tragedy.

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