RINOs – The Enemy Within

From Fauquier Free Citizen comes this article, “RINOs Victorious on November 5th – Or The Enemy Within“.

The battle lines were drawn long ago, and now it’s time to take the gloves off.

For years Conservatives have been told we have to support the candidates chosen by the GOP establishment, and we have faithfully done so. So why didn’t they support our candidates?

Ken Cuccinelli could have won this election, but the establishment did not want it to happen; witness the fact that Bill Bolling would not endorse Cuccinelli, and the GOP would not spend the money on this very important race.

It’s time Bolling and others like him leave the Party.


2 thoughts on “RINOs – The Enemy Within

  1. How is Bolling any less “conservative” than Cuccinelli? This isn’t a liberal R/conservative R issue. It’s a clash of two opportunistic pols, both of whom self-applied the “conservative” political label when it suited their purposes and then, when their personal ambitions came into conflict, could find no point of principle on which to take a common stand. The saga is best understood as sharp elbows in the turnstiles of the usual, but inadequate, system of running incompetent pols through the GA on their way to a one-term seat in the Governor’s office. It’s a slightly greasy pole made orderly by taking a number and waiting one’s turn. The hell with governance, the welfare of the Commonwealth and its residence, or any real vision or skill sets related to providing a service to the voters. This is just queue management. Cuccinelli (who wasn’t willing to wait his turn) “ditched” the line at Bolling’s expense (Bolling having relinquished, on at least two occasions, his place in line). Some folks were annoyed, and now we may have to actually think about whether being a Republican in Virginia means anything more than being a hall monitor for the GA conveyor belt to statewide office.

    Let’s leave those not very impressive Richmond cats behind and, the next time around, look among the thousands of capable executives, lawyers, military retirees and academics for candidates who can competently govern, but who may have absolutely no particular ties to RPV or local Republican committees. Virginia is rich in these people. However, they are not going to volunteer their services if they have to toady to the whims of a few dozen people of no particular talent who control how the nominations are determined. The Republican Party reached out to Eisenhower, a man whose political alliances were completely uncertain at the time he was nominated for President. It was thought, however, that he could competently lead the Nation at a difficult and challenging time. He did rather well, by all accounts. Let’s use that as our model in Virginia.

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