Bill Bolling and the Sabotage Republicans

In this article from ‘The Amercican Spectator‘ Jeffrey Lord provides some great analysis of what is, and has been taking place within the Republican Party where so-called ‘Good Republicans’ like Bill Bolling have worked for decades to insure the failure of Conservative candidates like Ken Cuccinelli.


11 thoughts on “Bill Bolling and the Sabotage Republicans

  1. NOPE Robert…….Bolling tried to save the Republican Party. IPt is in everyone’s interest to save the Republican PArty……but folks like Cooch and yourself are destroying it at every opportunity………….!!

    1. We win………… lose (again)………..Cooch did not win the nomination fairly………..jinxed the nomination……….as muc as I am against Scott L and Corey S politics…it is conceivable if either of them won the LG nomination, they would have carried cooch to victory………..but NO, you needed he wackos…………..see you in 2030!!!! or 40

    2. swim, er uh Ken, please explain what is ‘whacko’ about wanting a balanced budget and government that respects the law of the land? Please explain using grammatically sound sentences and not streeam of consciousness gibberish to make your point. Or are you incapable of such?

  2. Ken, frankly, if you want the political figurehead of the Democrat Party of Virginia to be a man who has never before held elective office and specializes in raising boatloads of money for candidates, and who has a proven track record of shady business practices and questionable ethics, well, guess what? You got it. AND you got it with a 2% margin, no clear majority of the electorate, and a House of Delegates with a Republican supermajority that will likely oppose him at every turn. McA’s mandate for leadership is that he kept C out of the Governor’s office. That’s. About. It. So, have fun with that!

    1. he is a typical low info voter who does nothing but name call. Look at how he writes, he is incapable of sound reason. typical ken/swim post : blah blah blah … whackos blah … conservative yich! .blah … 2090

  3. Keep kicking each other’s teeth in: It will get you on the Christmas card list from the Governor’s Mansion NEXT year.

  4. McAuliffe might spend Christmases in the British Virgin Islands where a lot of that cash from his Chinese partnership has been parked in offshore accounts. Now, doggone, where have I heard a lot of screeching about offshore accounts recently?!!

  5. Yes, Romney and the Democrats raising hell about offshore accounts. Again, your party’s standard-bearer takes Romney’s alleged “sins” of offshore accounts, questionable business dealings, and shady ethics to a whole new Nth level. So, have tons of fun with that! Remember, YOUR PARTY nominated him unopposed and the electorate gave him a 47% plurality. The electorate also sent a GOP supermajority to the House of Delegates. So, y’all have tons of fun with McA at the helm. Hopefully for the Democrats, it won’t bite them in the rump as much as I would like it to.

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