The Rinos Can Keep the GOP

When you realize that the RNC is a mess, stuck technologically in the 1990’s, maybe even the late 1980’s, and with hopelessly inaccurate voter rolls you begin to wonder, “Why are we putting up with these clowns?”  In VA Bolling, May, and others lead the charge from within the Republican party to undermine the ticket. This is a clear case of someone cutting their nose in order to spite their face.  They prefer to see Democrats win over conservative Republicans when they do not get their way in the primary.

According to an article from the American Thinker, Christie got four times the money Cuccinelli did from the RNC and he was never in need of the help Ken was since the local papers did not smear Christie the way the WashPo smeared Ken.  In fact they were having a love-in with Christie, similar to the one they had with McCain prior to his failed presidential run in 2008.  Ken was slandered in the WashPo – got retractions – and then the WashPo would later reissue the same lies in a different articles.  The RNC never came to his aid with this.  Priebus tramped about in NJ, in a safe race.  Cuccinelli, Obenshain and Jackson were thrown under the bus.

Ken lost by a two points while facing a WashPo resolutely in the team blue camp no matter what, with a pseudo phony baloney libertarian candidate in the race – funded by a Texas Democrat, and with inaccurate polls showing Ken behind by 17 points. All this killed Ken’s chances of raising out of state money for his campaign.  Ken was outspent by $14M.  It was calculated and the likes of Bolling did not help.

It is time to cut the cord. The Bollings can keep the label. Conservatives should look elsewhere.  I do not know where conservatives should go, but they should never again bang doors for the kind of Republican that Bolling represents.  Conservatives are not welcome in ‘the big tent.’  What is so radical about fiscally prudent policies?  What is ‘crazy’ about a balanced budget?  What wrong with seeking to pass laws that do not reward self destructive and irresponsible behavior?  For this conservatives are pilloried and their character assassinated not only by Democrats but by the Bollings and Roves of the party.

At this point, according to the US Census Bureau the number of households that receive benefits exceed the number that pay for those benefits.  This is a cause for great alarm.  This is unsustainable.  This sad state is the result of the progressive Democrat and Republican policies going back to Woodrow Wilson and Teddy Roosevelt.  Conservatives, not the GOP, are trying to stop the coming fiscal Armageddon.  The Bush wing of the party is part of the problem. Only the deluded would think a Mitch McConnell is part of the solution.  Only the insane would think the Democrats will reign in spending.

Rockefeller Republicans lose far more elections than they win yet conservatives are unelectable?  Lets look at the stellar track record of recent Presidential elections:

  • Ford in 1976 lost to Carter. Reagan was considered to be too far right for America
  • Bush Sr. got elected only because the country wanted four more years of Reagan.  America realized Bush was no Reagan and we got Bill Clinton.
  • Bob Dole a left-wing experiment that never stood a chance. Did we hear about how such left-wing Rockefeller wannabes are too far left for the country?  No.
  • W ran as a conservative, which is why he won.  W was no conservative
  • John McCain lost so big he had reverse coat tails
  • Romney who was another left-wing Republican. He managed to lose to a president highest unemployment in the past 40 years.

The lesson?  Rinos lose nationally.  I will repeat for the intellectually impaired: Rinos. Lose. Nationally.  The electorate is 40% conservative according to Gallop.  So why is the establishment GOP running always away from them?  It is personal that is why, we are a threat to their gravy train.  From here on out, when the GOP establishment fields a Bolling, we take him out in a primary, and is he survives that, we help the Democrats.  Why?  That is what the Bollings do to conservatives.  It is war on conservatives.

Conservatives typically accept the results of a primary contest, campaigning for Democrat-lite in the general election.  Rinos like Bolling never return the courtesy.  Locally in Loudoun Co., Clint Good, a ‘Republican’ was out campaigning for the Democrat candidate Mary Daniels against David LaRock, a conservative Republican in the VA33rd HOD — Clint called it, “Republicans for Daniels”.   Joe May the big spending, tax hiking Republican lost the primary against LaRock 57%-43%.  He did much to harm LaRock in the general election, refusing to endorse David, and not renouncing a mailer from Daniels that implied that May endorsed Daniels.  As the national party leadership is lousy with this sort of Republican, conservatives should strongly consider looking for greener pastures.

Currently the chief difference is that the Democrats lie to the public and pretend to be more centrist than they rule.  The GOP tells its base, “I am conservative” but rules in a way indistinguishable from the Democrats most of the time.  While there are people in the GOP worthy of consideration — they days of calling the GOP a conservative party are over.


5 thoughts on “The Rinos Can Keep the GOP

  1. The party will not change until WE as voters, change the kinds of candidates they fund and support.
    The candidates make the party what it is, and that is up to us.

    The party’s sole function is to fund candidates and get out the vote. The parties are a reflection of where their money comes from.
    If you don’t like what the parties are doing with the money, don’t send money to the party. Send it directly to the candidates you want to see win.
    Don’t let the parties have it to spend as they wish. Support the candidates you wish to support.

    The party will evolve and follow the money or die. My bet is they evolve.

  2. Robert — Good article. However, can you take that photo down? One doesn’t have to be conservative or liberal or something in the middle to feel nauseated at that photo of a despicable and inexcusable crime. As an old Africa hand, I hope they caught the bastards who did that.

  3. The squishes Bravehaearted us conservatives. Just as the battle reached a fevered pitch the rinos departed the field of battle, exposing ken/e.w./mark’s flanks, leaving those of us in the trenches to the onslaught.
    Turnavout is coming. With a vengeance.

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