Mark Warner Is Afraid Of His Own Words On Obamacare

U.S. Sen. Mark Warner (D-Va.) has been feeling the heat on Obamacare ever since Terry McAuliffe nearly lost the election for governor last week largely due to that issue.  The heat cranked up on Warner even further when a video that his office posted to YouTube began making the rounds where Mark Warner makes an Obama-esque promise that no one who likes their current health insurance plan would lose it.  Warner provided the 60th and decisive vote for Obamacare’s passage.

Now, word surfaces that Mark Warner has disabled the ability to embed the YouTube clip where he makes this pledge.  For a supposedly hi-tech guy, it seems that neither he nor his staff have a clue.


Yes, that is a working embedded version of Mark Warner’s Obamacare promise that you can keep your health insurance policy if you like it.  You see, we figured that Warner would try some sort of weasel move like this, so it was just a matter of reposting the video on a different account.  Ta-da!!!  We even made sure that we did it in glorious 720p high definition.

It appears that Mark Warner is now afraid of his own words, so much so that he doesn’t want anyone to see them.  We, however, won’t let anyone forget them.


14 thoughts on “Mark Warner Is Afraid Of His Own Words On Obamacare

  1. One thing you can count on from the Democrats with their latest strategy to insure no Republican ever wins any election, they will increase their funding for another fake third party candidate. I’d put my money on the guy that already proved he is a willing spoiler for hire but, I’m sure there is room for both him and Bolling in a McAuliffe administration. I’m sure they will come up with someone who is unemployed in the Obama economy who is looking for some jingle in their pocket.

  2. This guy is covering up his statements, as though he never made them? Wow, let’s get rid of him. Can someone please run against this Warner clown?

  3. The Demos own B0care, they wrote it, didn’t read it, passed it and B0 signed it, right down partisan lines. B0 and Pelosi lied about it, B0 tried to throw the insurance companies under the buss. Now B0 is complaining that all the Repubs are doing is being critical. Sorry Demos you own it, good or bad, and  it looks like there is plenty of bad to go around

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