Democrat Jennifer Wexton Declares Candidacy for State Senate With a Couple of Problems

On Wednesday Leesburg attorney Jennifer Wexton declared her candidacy for Mark Herring’s senate seat in district 33.  Herring has not vacated his senate seat because he has not been declared the winner of the race for Attorney General.  It’s unlikely that the recount in that race will be finished before mid to late December.  No winner will be declared until then.   That has not stopped Jenny Wexton from declaring that she’s running for Herring’s seat.   Wexton previously ran for Commonwealth Attorney in 2011, losing to Jim Plowman.  She was previously Jim Plowman’s assistant in the Commonwealth Attorney’s office.

In addition to running for a state senate seat that is occupied,  Wexton has another problem running in the 33rd district.  Jennifer Wexton does not live in 33rd district.  She’s a western Loudoun gal who has lived in the same house with her husband and two young sons for the last 10 years.  The house is out in the country, off Rt 15, smack in the middle of Dick Black’s district, the 13th senate district, not the 33rd district.  That would help explain her logo:

Jennifer Wexton

Jennifer Wexton is running for a state senate seat that hasn’t been vacated in a district she doesn’t live in!

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14 thoughts on “Democrat Jennifer Wexton Declares Candidacy for State Senate With a Couple of Problems

    1. Yes, Joe May also lives off Rt 15 in Dick Black’s district. He and his wife have lived there for over 30 years. As much as Joe wants to be back in Richmond, he’ll have to find another route.

  1. Hey hypocrite, I guess you forgot how Dick Black wasn’t living in his district when he ran for office. Just another blemish in a long list of crap DB has done.

    1. Working hard to make friends and influence people again? Yet another Epic-Fail. Keep trying. I am sure one day you will actually make a point without insulting someone in the process.

  2. Oh heck, since when has something as trivial as whether or not you live in the district that you want to represent ever stopped anyone from running?

  3. Satchmo could have actually had a point in citing Dick Black and by adding Stevens Miller into the mix as well. However, poor Satch seems to have never understood that you cannot get a point across if you name call those whom you are trying to sway. Good Lord, when the ad hominem is so often the first thing out of your keyboard…………

    1. He hasn’t yet learned that when you insult someone they tend to dismiss everything else you say. He is certainly not attempting to persuade anyone to his way of thinking.

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