Virginia Virtucon is hereby backing an effort to draft Del. Barbara Comstock (R-McLean) to run for the United States Senate in 2014 against Mark Warner.

Mona Charen wrote an excellent post-election piece for National Review titled “Primer from a Conservative Winner” that detailed how Comstock ran between 8 and 18 points ahead of the top of the 2013 Republican ticket in a district that went for Barack Obama and Tim Kaine just last year.  Charen states:

Barbara Comstock is as conservative as any right-winger could desire — pro–free enterprise, pro-life, and pro–second amendment.

. . .

She fights false accusations aggressively but smiles whenever possible and offers concrete accomplishments that make her constituents’ lives easier. Virginia is more conservative because its House of Delegates has such a smart and savvy member. She hasn’t compromised her principles. She is not a sell-out, a squish, or a RINO. She’s something all Republicans should aspire to be — a winner.

This is exactly what we need in a candidate for U.S. Senate – a conservative winner.

So, why should Comstock run?

Because, as we previously wrote, 2014 is shaping up to be very similar to 2006, only with the parties’ roles reversed.

Because a seemingly unbeatable Mark Warner can be beat in 2014, just as some Democrats saw that a seemingly unbeatable George Allen would be beat in 2006.

Because Mark Warner has his own Obamacare promise anchor weighing him down (in his own words in glorious hi-definition video.)

Because Comstock already represents key Northern Virginia areas – including McLean, Vienna, and Herndon – that are vital to a GOP statewide victory.

Because Comstock knows the problems facing her voters and offers conservative solutions to fix things and get results.

Because Democrats trying to run a “War on Women” campaign of destruction against a woman to the benefit of a man will backfire on them . . . badly.

Barbara Comstock is a very hard worker and would show up everywhere in a campaign for U.S. Senate.  Since she is in the House of Delegates, she does not face reelection until 2015, so she can roll the dice and run in 2014 without having to worry about keeping her current seat.

She is also a proven fundraiser.  In fact, Comstock raised more than any other Virginia legislative candidate in 2013over $1 million this calendar year alone.

Comstock is the rare politician who can unite the various Republican factions – economic and social conservatives, anti-tax Republicans (she voted against Plan ’13 from Outer Space which was a remarkably courageous thing to do in that district), the business community, and even Establishment Republicans given her past work for the RNC.

Comstock spoke at the national convention in Tampa last year where she gave a great speech that included passages such as:

What started with entrepreneurs arriving in Jamestown in 1607 — and grew with the wisdom of Washington, Jefferson, Madison, shaped a nation and the world. Lovers of freedom and liberty, members of all races and religions from across the globe now live and prosper in Virginia, which is rated one of the best places to live, work, start a business, and raise a family.

. . .

Let’s guarantee that our children and their children continue this American story of freedom, opportunity and prosperity for all. And Virginia, let’s keep winning.

Comstock appears to have the whole package and the only criticism that even Wikipedia has of her is that she was zealous in the Whitewater investigation back in the 1990s.

She knows her audience and stays with the facts. The reason Barbara wins is that she communicates well with voters, she is an uber-fundraiser and a tireless campaigner.

There has been much speculation about Comstock heading to Capitol Hill at some point, but the thinking always has been it would be when Rep. Frank Wolf retires.  The time is now.  The opportunity is here.  Draft Barbara Comstock for U.S. Senate.

UPDATE:  Chris at Mason Conservative apparently can lay claim to first floating this idea a week ago.



  1. No thank you. She voted against Bob Marshall’s gun nullification bill this past session and voted against NDAA protection. So she voted against the Medicaid expansion and recent tax hike, good for her. She stinks on the others.

  2. Julia … is this what we’ve become? Two votes disqualifies someone while in the same breath you just dismiss very brave votes for against medicaid expansion and the governors transportation plane?

    Remember, she’s not in the fighting 9th making these votes … she’s INSIDE the beltway. Not just Northern Virginia … but ***NORTHERN*** Virginia, if you catch my drift.

    Btw Riely, great minds think alike … I said the same thing lat week


  3. Barbara Comstock is NOT pro-free-enterprise, she demonstrably favors large and politically-connected businesses over the small business that is the engine of true economic growth.

    If she is run as a candidate you all can count on my strident opposition.

    1. Would you rather have a U.S. Senator with whom you agree on 70-80% of things or one who you agree with on almost nothing – Mark Warner, because that would be your choice.

  4. Alexis has made it known elsewhere she’d like to throw pro-lifers out of the party as well. That’s a pretty small tent you’re building there, Alexis.

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