Obama is Rewriting Obamacare … Illegally

The constitutional scholar does not appear to understand what are the legal, legislative limits of the US Presidency.  Senatorial Candidate Sasse of Nebraska is pointing this out brilliantly.  The one year delay of the employer mandate was nothing but a political maneuver, to help get his fellow Democrats elected in 2014.  Obama is now telling Holder to not enforce the law. Obama is declaring that insurance companies do not have to follow the ACA’s regulations for a period of one year … arbitrarily.   This is but another maneuver to help Democrats get elected in 2014.  What is worse is that it is illegal,  Obama does not have the power to choose what parts of a law are to be enforced.

It appears that the worse thing that can happen for Obama and the Democrats is that the ACA Web Portals will start to work flawlessly … for then people will see what is in store for them under this misbegotten law.  It appears that even though only 50,000 have signed up, some one million have visited and decided not to enroll. The saw the deal and decided to walk away.  These plans would not survive in a free market.  Which is why this laws proviso’s focus more on tax collection and the IRS than on healthcare delivery.  You can keep your plan only if Obama and his liberal cronies like it — the arrogance is this is mind blowing.

Our sagging, battered Republic, is supposed to be a nation of laws, not men.  Obama is president.  Not a king.  Obama cannot change laws at a whim.  He must go through the congress.  Obama does not get to choose which parts of a law or our Constitution he and Holder will enforce.  Obama swore an oath to uphold the constitution he is shredding.  Obama is nosing us into a constitution crisis with his criminal behavior.  Our nation is at a cross roads — ‘the way forward’ means vastly different things to different people.  The progressive ideals of government control being required to bring about equal outcomes does not work outside of academia, Obama must realize this if he is to be able to finally lead.  Critically Obama must finally realize that he is President of the entire United States, not just the King of the Democrats of Chicago.


3 thoughts on “Obama is Rewriting Obamacare … Illegally

  1. I’ve lived and worked in many places which might draw the unflattering description of “banana republic.” In my experience, this is how they develop — when the “top banana” starts to treat the legislature like either an annoyance to be ignored or a rubber stamp.

  2. If Congress or any other entity with standing, especially the Republican leadership, would stand up and hold the POTUS or his administration to account in a court of law then maybe the tea party people would be more aggressive in their support of Congress and it’s leadership.

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