Maybe Jennifer Wexton Can Buy Dave Marsden’s Old Futon

Loudoun and Fairfax Democrats plan to nominate their candidate for the 33rd State Senate Dist. currently occupied by Mark Herring this Saturday.  Never mind that Herring is still in office.  Never mind that Virginia has yet to certify the results of the election for Attorney General.  Never mind that with only 164 votes separating Herring from Mark Obenshain out of 2.2 million cast that there will be a recount that still could change the outcome of this race.

No, Democrats want to move fast so they can nominate Jennifer Wexton as their candidate.  There was some question as to whether Wexton even lives in the district, but we have been told that she moved into an apartment within the district right before the deadline to change registration, did so, and then voted in her new precinct.  Never mind that her husband and kids didn’t move with her.

What kind of person moves out of her home and into an apartment, leaving her husband and children there, just so she can get residency in a new senate district?

My answer to that — someone whose priorities in life are grossly out of whack.

Maybe Dave Marsden can sell her his used futon from when he did the same thing four years ago.


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