Mark Warner – Twice As Likely As Other Senators To Miss A Vote

From GovTrack.US:

Voting Record

From Jan 2009 to Nov 2013, Warner missed 49 of 1,420 roll call votes, which is 3.5%. This is worse than the median of 1.8% among the lifetime records of senators currently serving. The chart below reports missed votes over time.

That’s right, Virginia’s senior U.S. Senator is twice as likely to miss a vote than his colleagues.  We need a senator who actually shows up to do what we pay him to do and then cast those votes after thoughtful consideration, not simply checking with his party leaders on how to vote.


6 thoughts on “Mark Warner – Twice As Likely As Other Senators To Miss A Vote

    1. Exactly. Unless Kaine, Mikulski or Cardin has their primary residence (not their Capitol Hill one) any closer, then no other U.S. Senator has as his or her actual home a place nearer to the Capitol.

  1. Warner is twice as likely not to vote, and now with the Senate rules change (nuclear option)- he wants one of his scarce votes to count even more! Warner and Kaine are in lock step with Harry Reid but they don’t want you to know it.

  2. But Riley, is it really fair to ask our esteemed senior Senator to trudge through rush-hour traffic on the GW Pkwy? Remember, he’s Mark Warner and Mark Warner is a Big Deal.

    Incidentally, I believe Mikulski still lives in Baltimore FWIW. No idea on Cardin.

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