Mark Warner’s 2010 Vote AGAINST You Keeping Your Health Insurance

So much for Mark Warner’s promise in 2009 that if you liked your health insurance you could keep it.

Warner is on record voting AGAINST legislation in 2010 that would have prevented this current wave of health insurance policy cancellations.

According to CNN:

Senate Democrats voted unanimously three years ago to support the Obamacare rule that is largely responsible for some of the health insurance cancellation letters that are going out.

In September 2010, Senate Republicans brought a resolution to the floor to block implementation of the grandfather rule, warning that it would result in canceled policies and violate President Barack Obama’s promise that people could keep their insurance if they liked it.

Warner’s Sept. 29, 2010, vote can be found here.

I guess he was for you being able to keep your health insurance before he was against it.


16 thoughts on “Mark Warner’s 2010 Vote AGAINST You Keeping Your Health Insurance

  1. You will have to ask Mark Jim. BUT, Mark is for common sense and that includes insuring all Americans. It is unfortunate that people have lost their coverage now, and even letting them know that is temporary is not good enough for them..or for me if I was one of them………..BUT, that is not enough to continue to deny 15 million others coverage forever.Republicans have no plan or view to fix insurance. Democrats do……Remember COMMON SENSE RULES!!

    1. Ken, Thanks for drawing attention to yourself. Please tell us your own experiences with the ObamaCare exchanges and whether you are getting a cheaper and better deal.

      No, I didn’t think so . . .

  2. No, Ken, you’d rather have millions more people lose their insurance because they’re “sub-par” as Obama and the HHS defines them (even if they weren’t and were perfectly good, but hey, the Government knows best, right?) and then be forced onto plans that are more expensive or end up on the Medicaid rolls because they can’t afford the new plans (so in other words, you’re potentially taking self-sufficient Americans and turning them into welfare recipients). HOW IS THAT COMMON SENSE??!?

    1. Common Sense tells me that programs such as ACA have been have been sorely needed for years…..centuries…..and given the scope and magnitude of ACA, cannot be implemented without complications. They WILL be fixed over time….sure as hell doing this is a lo better than counting body bags at Dover every week……..

    2. Sure, Ken, they’re needed for everyone EXCEPT YOU. Why is it that every leftist I encounter online who supports ObamaCare somehow isn’t someone who actually signs up for it?

    3. Perhaps we like to see others not be abandoned in the crush of our economy…….perhaps we don’t like to see others in need……….apparently some enjoy the sufferings of others……….

    4. “enjoy the sufferings of others…”
      Projecting again swim? Obamacare has already caused 5M to lose their coverage, and has thus far not provided a viable alternative as the 70% of the website that deals with actually having people pay for the coverage does not even exist. If you had a shred of integrity would not accept such a devils brew. As you are nothing but a Obamabot cheer-leader the suffering of others does not appear to bother you in the least.

      Apparently next year when the employer mandate kicks in, over 90 million will lose their coverage. Unless they are union types, or other Obama supporters. This is a program that targets people who do not support the Democrats. To call that heartless pales. It is called inflicting economic suffering on your political opponents. Takes this far enough and the country will be gone.

      Perhaps you should reconsider the values of the actions of you dear leader.

    5. Obamabot is the best thing that has happened to America in the 21st Century………..just think…………no shipments of body bags toDover AFB…..remember 20-40 each week?

    6. “Obamabot is the best thing that has happened to America in the 21st Century”
      1. You are insane. Since the great blunder has taken over the number of homes receiving aid has come to outnumber those paying into the system. Look it up at the census bureau.
      2. Are national debt has doubled from the previous president.
      3. Our growth has tanked.
      4. the only thing keeping the market afloat is quantitative easing – which is a wealth transfer form the middle class to the rich
      “no shipments of body bags toDover AFB…..remember 20-40 each week?”
      Proving again you are either lying or not paying attention, our casualty rates in Afghanistan increased dramatically under obumbles

    7. yur cute at making up names but not very bright with the facts. For example, the debt had doubled under bush from 5 to 11 billion………….and when Obama came in with the huge recession which most economists agreed could only be fixed with stimulus, the debt went from 11 to 16~~~Afghanistan has a lot of violence but not anywhere near the 20 – 40 bod bags every week………

    8. Lying through your teeth again. The debt at the end of 2008 was $9T today it is $16.7 … sorry about the inconvenient facts. You used to claim you were unaffiliated by party, now you proudly proclaim you are an obamobot. Your street cred is long, long gone. Toodles. My work is done.

    9. OK Toodles.your work is done…..but not accurate….it was $11 billion when Obama came into office…..9 + 9 also is 18……….duh…….deficit is also arrested……..and obamacot is not necessarily democrat….we are free-thinkers and decidethings case-by-case…….and not hate-by-hate!!!

    10. Ken, others will be in need of a doctor . . . because their “ObamaCare” plans give higher deductibles and reduced access to medical care for a greatly inflated price. In addition, it adds $2 trillion to the debt and gets us all that much closer to bankruptcy. What medical care access are the poor (or anyone, for that matter) going to get when the country goes bankrupt?

      Now tell us what is YOUR OWN experience with ObamaCare. I am guessing that you are somehow exempt.

  3. Newest National Debt Statistics posted January 2009

    Happy broke New Year! Here is the first National Debt report for 2009 – the “Year of Insolvency.”

    The National Debt as of 31 December 2008 (as reported on

    Public Debt

    Intragovernmental Holdings


    Increase in Fiscal Year 2009 (Oct 1, 2008 – Dec. 31, 2008):

    Robert – Apology will be accepted……….

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