Why did Mark Warner Vote For Obamacare?

When it comes to policy, facts matter more than feelings. Everyone one felt reform of the medical industry was a good idea. Democrats felt universal health insurance was the right thing to do. The trouble is that getting the last 10% of the country to have access to insurance — not the health care, but the insurance — requires a lot of money. More than we can afford. Anyone who has ever actually done something complicated knows that the last 10% of the job requires 50% of the effort. That is a fact of life. A fact that the Democrat progressive mentality rejects.

Warner is a successful business man.  Unlike Obama he really should have known better.  Warner has no excuse.  Warner has completed complicated projects; as a venture capitalist who got in on the ground floor for Nextel and other telecommunications projects he knows what it takes to do a job and finish it.

As the wealthiest man in the Senate, Warner knows a good idea when he sees one.  Warner also knows a raw deal when he sees one.  The ACA was obviously a raw deal back March of 2010.  Why did he give his Democrat overlords a pass, and hurt his constituency?  Warner never would have invested any of his own $228,000,000.00 in such a half-baked mess, so why is OK for Virginians and the rest of America to foot the bill for this fiasco?

At this point the only thing left for Virginians to do is write Senator Warner and ask him why he voted for this law? Virginians should also demand that Warner vote to repeal or radically change the ACA.

You can call Senator Warner at:

  • 202-224-2023 (DC)
  • 276-628-8158 (Abingdon)
  • 757-441-3079 (Norfolk)
  • 804-775-2314 (Richmond)
  • 703-442-0670 (Vienna)
  • 540-857-2676 (Roanoke)

Remind Senator Warner that he represents the state of Virginia, and should vote in the interest of the people. He is beholden to us, and not the President in the White House who is the architect of the nightmare known as Obamacare.


4 thoughts on “Why did Mark Warner Vote For Obamacare?

  1. Warner only got rich and in on the ground floor of Nextel because he was a staffer working for then-Sen. Chris Dodd (D-CT) and had inside information not available to the public which he then used to get rich. This kind of behavior has since been banned for elected officials and their staffs. He isn’t some brilliant businessman, just a guy who used the public trust to get rich.

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