Mark Warner – 5 Years, 1 Law Passed

Virginia’s senior U.S. Sen. Mark Warner will have been in that chamber for five years come January and is up for reelection in less than a year.

So, what has he done in those five years?  Apparently, other than skipping twice as many votes as his colleagues, not much.

In five years, Warner has introduced 57 bills and only one of them was signed into law.


You’re thinking that one law must have really been important.  An issue dealing with the financial crisis, transportation or job creation, right?


What was the law that he proposed and was enacted?

National Foundation on Fitness, Sports, and Nutrition Establishment Act

A bill to establish a National Foundation on Physical Fitness and Sports to carry out activities to support and supplement the mission of the President’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports.

Virginia needs an effective U.S. senator. Mark Warner has proven himself not to be that person.


6 thoughts on “Mark Warner – 5 Years, 1 Law Passed

  1. Barbara Mikulski is kicking both Mark and Timmy’s butts all the way back across the Potomac River when it is coming to the new FBI’s head quarters.

    Those two never had a snow balls chance in hell going against her for pork as valuable as that.

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