Will Virtucon Field A Candidate In The 2nd Dist.?

Steve Albertson.  Terrence Boulden. Jim Riley.  All current contributors to Virginia Virtucon. All current residents of the Virginia House of Delegates 2nd Dist.  Will one of them seek to go to Richmond in 2015 representing their district and replace Del.-elect Michael Futrell (D) to flip this swing district back to the GOP column?

Those of us who are members of VV are a tight-knit group, so I wouldn’t expect any intra-blog competition for the Republican nomination.  If someone does run, I fully expect that he will have the full support of the rest of our crew.   I’m certain that, at least as far as VV is concerned, we will have everything sorted out (if there is anything to sort out) ahead of time.

Any one of these individuals would make a fine delegate.  Each of them are very strong on various aspects of public policy and have strong campaign skills.

Boulden is currently running for Woodbridge supervisor on the Prince William Board, but it wouldn’t be a stretch for him to shift gears and run in this race instead (especially given his strong commitment to education where he could achieve much more at the state level than at the county one.)  Boulden is a tireless worker who connects well with everyone he meets on account of his great personality and his genuine concern for improving people’s lots in life.  He also has the added benefit of fitting his part of the district’s demographic tilt while fitting the rest of the district’s ideological tilt.  While I have not heard anything directly from him, I have heard rumors that he has spoken to a few in the HOD’s Republican leadership already about this race.

Likewise, Riley is rumored to have his eye on a county board seat, but has yet to declare his intentions.  Riley would be a fundraising powerhouse with the ability to tap into national contributor networks along the lines of Del. Barbara Comstock and fmr. Del. Jeff Frederick as well as bring in major figures he has worked closely with over the years such as Steve Forbes, Paul Ryan and FreedomWork’s Matt Kibbe for local fundraisers and events. (I feel sorry for whomever has the misfortune ever to face him because if they are lucky they’ll only be outspent 10-1.)  He turned down the opportunity to run for this seat in 2011 due to his job.

Albertson would be an interesting choice as the only one of the three to live in the Stafford County portion of the district.  He is deeply active in his community and his service as the Vice Chairman of the county’s electoral board along with his analytical mind enables him to crunch numbers to figure out pathways to victory.  While he has done this for others in the past, it would be simple enough for him to turn the focus inwards and develop a strategic plan for him to do this himself.  Albertson could run up the vote totals in the Stafford portion of the district which is how outgoing Del. Mark Dudenhefer won in 2011, but was unable to replicate in 2013.

Should one of these men throw his hat in the ring and the other two rally behind him, this could make for a very powerful force in this district’s political landscape.


3 thoughts on “Will Virtucon Field A Candidate In The 2nd Dist.?

  1. Nothing has changed for me regarding the House of Delegates. While it would be an honor to serve there, the legislative calendar conflicts with my job. I could very easily get behind either of my two other colleagues mentioned here.

  2. I’m thinking of moving to Potomac Shores or Pointe and would be available. I know a lot about govt and intersection with people’s needs………hohohohoho

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