John Whitbeck Declares for State Senate Special Election

Following the State Board of Elections certification of the results in the Attorney General’s race yesterday, both John Whitbeck and Ron Meyer have quickly jumped in the race for the GOP nomination for the potentially vacant seat of State Sen. Mark Herring (who still faces a recount on his razor-thin margin of victory that could reverse the certified results.)  Our Virtucon colleague Jeanine Martin has the details over at her other blog, The Bull Elephant.  Earlier coverage of Meyer’s announcement that he is jumping for the 11th Congressional district race to this one can be found here.


4 thoughts on “John Whitbeck Declares for State Senate Special Election

  1. This is further proof that Ron Meyer is the poster child (literally) for publicity stunts. Will his highly gullible VA-11 donors – who specifically gave money to defeat Gerry Connolly – demand a refund, especially when he can’t even win a GOP state senate firehouse primary?

  2. If you look at JW’s website for senate, he rolls out a list of “impressive endorsements.”…lol! Where’s Cuccinelli? Oh, snap! The Big C dissed the JW when JW came out of the closet as anti-semetic…like ‘we don’t even know who this Whitbeck guy is’…Dope! Impressive, indeed.

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