Ron Meyer Jumps In State Senate Race, Suspends Congressional Campaign

For Immediate Release
November 26, 2013

Ron Meyer Announces Campaign for Virginia Senate
Starting campaign pending outcome of AG recount

Herndon, VA – Public relations professional, conservative grassroots leader, former spokesman for the Young America’s Foundation, and frequent Fox News conservative analyst Ron Meyer has announced his intent to run in the pending special election for the 33rd Senate District of Virginia.

Meyer issued the following statement announcing his candidacy:

“As someone who has been campaigning for Mark Obenshain since February,—including speaking as his surrogate and fundraising for him in Northern Virginia—I hold out hope that he will be the next Attorney General of the Commonwealth of Virginia after a pending recount and all ballots are validated.  I have personally donated time and money towards his recount efforts, and I will continue to support him in any way that I can.
“However, as my grandfather said, “be prepared for the worst and hope for the best.”  In this case, the worst case scenario is Mark Herring winning the election for Attorney General and vacating his State Senate seat in the 33rd District.
“With that in mind, I am announcing today that I am suspending my campaign for Congress to run in the pending special election in the 33rd Senate District.  I have received scores of calls and encouraging emails from grassroots Republicans all over the district saying that we must start now to elect an energetic, commonsense conservative that will unite the party and take back a seat that the Democratic Party has held for far too long.
“It is critical that Republicans win the majority in the State Senate to continue the progress that has been made in Virginia in recent years.  I’m running as the 21st vote to reform education; the 21st vote against robbing education and transportation dollars to expand Obamacare; the 21st vote to reduce taxes and allow Virginians to keep more money in their pocket; the 21st vote to grow private sector jobs in emerging technologies; and the 21st vote for commonsense checks-and-balances in Virginia government.”

7 thoughts on “Ron Meyer Jumps In State Senate Race, Suspends Congressional Campaign

  1. This is further proof that Ron Meyer is the poster child (literally) for publicity stunts. Will his highly gullible VA-11 donors – who specifically gave money to defeat Gerry Connolly – demand a refund, especially when he can’t even win a GOP state senate firehouse primary?

    1. hummmmmmmmm i’m the Founding Chairman of the Cardinal Bellarmine Chapter of the Young Americans for Freedom at Siena….this group has the same ring as Meyer’ s group…………….I got wise in my maturing years!!!

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