Suddenly, Mark Warner Is Vulnerable…

A new poll shows that Virginia’s senior Democratic senator, Mark Warner, is seeing his popularity dropping and his seemingly foregone reelection may not be such a done deal after all.

Fifty percent of Virginians said that Warner should be reelected against a generic candidate; 45 percent saying they would elect someone new. By a 49 to 43 percent margin, Independents said they would rather have a different senator than stick with Warner.

Regionally, Warner is over 50 percent only in Northern Virginia, while 63 percent of residents in Shenandoah favor the nameless, faceless new candidate.

Just wait until more voters learn that Warner was the decisive vote in the Senate to pass Obamacare, that in 2010 he voted against legislation allowing people to keep their health care plans if they liked them (despite claiming they could do so under Obamacare), that he is twice as likely to miss a vote as the average U.S. Senator despite the fact his primary residence is closer to the U.S. Capitol than any other senator, and he is an ineffective legislator who has only passed one law in five years and marches in partisan lockstep instead of serving as the independent moderate thinker he professes himself to be.

This is the upset to keep your eyes on.


5 thoughts on “Suddenly, Mark Warner Is Vulnerable…

  1. I read that article. I found it interesting that it said Warner was only “over 50” in “Northern Virginia”. Depending on what “over 50” means and how they defined “Northern Virginia”, that could be quite ominous for our esteemed Senior Senator.

    1. I know you think i am biased Jim …………….and perhaps unlearned in the conservative world, but i have never even heard of Barbara or Pete…………Happy Thanksgiving belatedly…………

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