Ron Meyer Jr. Needs a Job

Running for office, while unemployed, is one way to get a job.  Perhaps Ron should try to find employment in the private sector first; at 23 he just got out of school.  Ron was running for Congress this past March against Gerry Connolly in the VA 11th.  Jordon Bloom of the American Conservative called this “a pointless and hopeless” campaign, giving Connolly an easy opponent.

Ron Meyer either lost interest or got distracted, not sure which.  Does it matter?  For now, Meyer is running for the VA Senate. The main question is, “What can Ron Meyer put on his resume today?” He is unemployed and living in his girl friend’s apartment.  Meyer proposed to her this past weekend; she said yes. The generosity of women never ceases to amaze me.

On the other hand, John Whitbeck is a partner in a law firm and has been a Republican party activist for years.  John is married with two children and understands the issues facing families in VA today.  John understands what is at stake with McAuliffe in the governor’s mansion.  John gets the difference between fantasy and reality.  Right now, as the Chairman of the VA’s 10th District Republican Committee, John is the most qualified candidate to run in the upcoming special election and win the Senate seat in the 33rd district.

Why is Ron running?  What can he offer in the way of life experience?  Matt Lewis of the Daily Caller calls Meyer a media hound.   Ron claimed that if he were elected to Congress he would balance the Federal budget in 5 years.  I guess Meyer believes Obama would not dare to veto a bill Ron voted for, and Harry Reid would not consider it DOA.

Ron Meyer needs to go out and do something before he tries his hand at writing laws and voting on issues of public policy.  Meyer predicted a coup against Boehner in the house, one can hope but wishing for something, does not mean it will happen.

Live a little first Ron.  Find a job.  Pay taxes.  Grow up.  See what it is like to support a family and hold down a job.  Come back and run for office, Ron, after you have seen how difficult life can be.


4 thoughts on “Ron Meyer Jr. Needs a Job

  1. Well I just visited John Whitbeck webpage and half of his links on his splash page didn’t even work!!! ( I used Chrome) That is always a big red flag for me, if the the guy (or girl) running for office can’t even manage to keep his own personal webpage working then I have strong doubts about his or her ability to manage my tax money.

    1. Well, I just visited the SBE webpage and all the candidate filings that were due today were posted EXCEPT for Ron Meyer for State Senate.

      That is always a big red flag for me, if the the guy (or woman) running for office can’t even manage to file campaign finance reports as required by law, then I have strong doubts about his or her fitness to run for office.

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