PWC Schooled By Stafford County Once Again…

As Stafford County Board Chairman Susan Stimpson prepares to leave office this month at the end of her term, she sent out an email outlining the board’s accomplishments during her tenure.  They include:

  • We cut our pay by 25%
  • We abolished BPOL, a regressive small business tax
  • We cut overall real estate taxes 3 years in a row
  • We cut our general admin staff down to 2004 levels
  • We raised our reserves to 12%
  • We funded voter approved road projects and park and recreation projects
  • We took the school budget in hand and categorically funded instruction, ensuring teacher raises
  • For the first time since 1965, we actually had a budget less than the year before!
  • Our economy started growing and we jumped to #1 in job growth in the Commonwealth in 2011.

    We opened the Stafford Tech and Research Center and, on December 10th, Google’s Chief Financial Officer will be a featured speaker at an event at the Center.

    Every year I have been in office we have had a budget surplus, which has allowed us to cut more taxes.

  • We eliminated the Boat Tax
  • We eliminated the Machinery and Tools Tax
  • We eliminated the Common Carrier Tax
  • That’s a pretty good record overall. One that should make Prince William County residents envious given how our county board has flailed around during this same time, jumping from scandal to scandal, dumb idea to dumb idea, and waste of taxpayer money to waste of taxpayer money.  Now we learn that Prince William County, the seventh wealthiest county in the nation, spends less per pupil than the poorest county in America.

    Apparently, PWC isn’t just getting schooled by Stafford County anymore, but also by Owsley County, Kentucky, the poorest county in the U.S.  As The Sheriff’s blog noted the other day, the PWC Board essentially has devolved into a parody of itself where its members (aside from its newest one Pete Candland) are now clamoring for action to solve the problems that they themselves created.  That is like giving CGI Federal a blank check to fix the website that they screwed up building to begin with.

    With so many positive examples and good ideas emanating from Stafford County and other nearby localities, it truly is a wonder that PWC has become as messed up as it is.  We may only have one last chance to fix things before they become too far gone.


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    1. Realizing that the intent of your post was to contrast how much PWC is sucking wind lately compared to its neighbors… it’s important to note that this example used (written by Susan Stimpson) was a FUNDRAISING email sent to try and feed/fund her insatiable lust for power and funnel cash to her namesake PAC.

      These same touted success line items beginning with “we”, were used in materials during her failed Lt. Gov. race when she chose to use “I”. As in, “she” did all these things by herself! Her astroturf supporters continued to spread this theme of uniquely magical powers in junkmail and videos that bootlicked her highness to a level only known to Obama’s press secretaries. None of course mention that all of these things were in place, planned, or originated from the previous boards prior to her arrival on the scene just in time for the ribbon cuttings/photo-ops! So just like her entirely INVENTED conservative credentials and private sector work history, they too are as real as Obama’s list of successfully run government programs.

      Further, she regularly and consistently ADVOCATED for raising taxes via a wild spending spree that included tearing down a perfectly good public school building worth $30M and building a *smaller* replacement for $70M as one example. There are many, but if she got her way with every pet project, taxes would have absolutely went even higher! The REAL Republicans on the board kept her in check for four years.

      There is a reason why no Stafford board member or county staff supported her power-grab, and all (but perhaps one?) are really HAPPY THAT SHE’S LEAVING.

      There is no bridge that this woman hasn’t burned or won’t burn. Now we get to watch as she attempts to run things from behind the scenes with her two sockpuppet candidates who ran deceitful and negative campaigns funded mostly by Stimpson’s PAC via mailers, phone banks, and robocalls which further divided the Republicans in Stafford, and continue to do so today.

      As her (school board) and (supervisor) sockpuppets grow into their own public political identities and realize they can make decision all by themselves without her, one can only hope that the inevitable firefight that erupts from Stimpson’s massive ego meltdown against them—like the one she had at the 2013 Convention floor against the world—does not pour into the public view, as that will only further divide the divisions they all helped create.

      Let’s hope Stimpson’s legacy of self-serving, incompetent public service, stays a moment in Stafford County’s history to be recalled only as the upwind fart of bad decisions that is was. …seconded only by the even worse choice—her predecessor, George Schwartz.

      Meanwhile on the financial front, Stafford’s property tax is $1.07 and Spotsylvania’s is $0.88…two otherwise nearly identical counties in size, population, etc. So, if you want to make PWC really look like it’s floundering, compare it to Spotsylvania, where we will have a 6.5/7 member conservative Board of Supervisors starting in 2014, coming off a strong 5-2 conservative-run cycle.

    2. I’m going to sidestep the Susan Stimpson controversy to add that…I’ve always thought the idea that Corey Stewart and the “conservative” Prince William Board of Supervisors had a sterling record to be rather laughable. Compared to Fairfax, Prince William’s tax burden is actually higher and has been for some time. Indeed, I believe (correct me if I’m wrong) – it leads Northern Virginia in total tax burden. (I say that excluding Arlington, which I don’t follow and try to stay out of).

      When you realize that Fairfax County turned consistently blue around the beginning of the prior decade and has been under Democratic administration since 1995, you can’t help but be…underwhelmed by the Prince William record.

    3. Teachers in Stafford County received their raises in seven years, this past year. Having worked for both counties, I am well aware of which one values me as an educator. There is a reason teachers leave Stafford in droves.

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