Why John Whitbeck is the Best Candidate in the 33rd Senate District and Why You Should Care

Two Republican candidates are running for the nomination in the district Senator Mark Herring will vacate if he wins the recount for Attorney General. Voters in the 33rd Senate district will make their choice in a Mass Meeting to be held on Monday, December 16th, at Park View High School, 400 W. Laurel Avenue, Sterling, VA 20164, with registration from 6:30 PM until 7:30 PM. You must be at the high school prior to 7:30 to register to vote. The meeting will begin promptly at 7:30. Since several hundred people are expected to attend so getting to the school early would be a good idea. If you are unsure of your state Senate district, click here.

Two candidates, John Whitbeck and Ron Meyer Jr., are running to face democrat Jennifer Wexton in a special election; the date has not yet been set.

Ron Meyer Jr. is 23 years old and without a regular job. He has been a young spokesman on Fox News on a few occasions but was fired from his most recent job when he said John Boehner would resign as Speaker. Admitting this rather large mistake, Meyer said ” Look, I’m a 23-year-old activist who’s just starting”. He’s right, he’s just a kid starting out. He may well make a good candidate in 10 or 20 years. He’s just not ready yet.

Ron rents an apartment in Herndon with his girlfriend. He’s never had a mortgage or a business or even a regular job. After deciding to run for State Senate Ron proposed to his girlfriend in a rather opportunistic move on Thanksgiving. Until a few weeks ago Ron Meyer was running for Congress in the 11th district. He has refused to return money that donors gave him for the 11 district race while he uses their money in this current race for State Senate. Many donors are extremely angry about Meyer using money that they donated for one purpose only to see their money used for a completely different purpose in a district that doesn’t even represent them. Is that even legal? I can find no endorsements for Ron Meyer Jr on his website or anyplace else.

John Whitbeck is 35 years old, married for 10 years, with two little girls and another due next month. He is a well respected attorney in Leesburg having run his own business for years. As Chairman of Virginia’s 10th Republican District, John has been a solid conservative who has been able to join together all factions of the party. In 2008 Virginia’s 10th district voted for Obama. Under John’s guidance the 10th district voted for Romney in 2012. John owns a home in Landsdowne and has been President of their Home Owner’s Association. He is a solid conservative who will not raise taxes, he supports the Second Amendment, and is pro Life. He knows how to beat democrats and he has proven it as the leader in the 10th Congressional district. John has been endorsed by an overwhelming majority of the elected officials in Loudoun County.

Please visit John Whitbeck’s website and learn more him and his ideas for our future. I think you will agree that John is by far the best candidate to represent us in the special election for Mark Herring’s seat, should such an election become necessary. Republicans need to take back this seat to control the State Senate and stop McAuliffe from expanding Obamacare into Virginia and raising our taxes. John is the candidate who can do that. If you are a voter in the 33rd State Senate district please vote on Monday for our future and the future of our children.
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UPDATE: The Meyer campaign has contacted Virtucon with corrections that they would like to make to this post:

1) Ron is 24, not 23.

2) Ron does have a regular job as a PR professional.

3) Ron has not been on Fox on a few occasions, but has made over 100 appearances on national cable news.

4) He was not fired from his job after the “Fire Boehner” incident. Ron left American Majority Action more than 2 months after this incident on his own accord because he was announcing his candidacy.

5) Ron has run a business and held a regular job.

6) As a personal friend to Ron, I know that proposing to Celia is something that he has had planned for months leading up to Thanksgiving and was unrelated to his candidacy.

7) Ron has not refused to return money to donors that have requested this sort of action. You will be able to see in his upcoming FEC and SBE filing reports that Ron has refunded thousands of dollars to donors that have requested refunds.

8) The only money that Ron has transferred from his Congressional account to the state level account is money from donors that have given Ron the approval to do so. Not a single cent from a donor has been transferred over against their wishes.


42 thoughts on “Why John Whitbeck is the Best Candidate in the 33rd Senate District and Why You Should Care

  1. Whitbeck is nothing but a mini-me Cuccinelli without the street cred.

    Great candidate for a restrictive party selection meeting; terrible candidate for the general election or even a firehouse primary.

  2. The title should actually read: “Why Ron Meyer is terrible, and why you should vote for the other guy.”

    Seriously, if you are going to try and convince people how to vote, give them the positives of the candidate that you are backing, not the negatives of the other guy. It makes all of us look bad.

    1. State Senate 33 Primary: For those of you who thought the recent gubernatorial election was just a bit too positive!

      FWIW, LL, you’re probably right. But the bar is low indeed.

  3. Not only was this article completely wrong about Ron (as you can see from the updates), but it failed to mention John Whitbeck’s infamous joke that seems to pop up in every news story having to do with him…now, don’t misunderstand me, I’m sure Whitbeck would be a great State Senator and I don’t think the joke he told means anything about how good he would do it office…BUT, we do know democrats will use anything exploit our candidate…and we really need to win this tie-breaking seat. Whitbeck is an easy target with the inappropriate joke he told just a couple months ago…it hurt us then, it’ll probably hurt us again. Ron Meyer breaks mold, as a young guy…a rising star in VA politics is exactly what the Republican Party needs right now. He doesn’t have the bad press and baggage like Whitbeck, he’s our best shot.

    1. The only republicans mentioning the “infamous” joke are Ron Meyer supporters. The democrats are going to use everything in their arsenal to go after the nominee – whoever it is. I heard these same arguments about Bolling after Cuccinelli lost….”if only the nominee had been Bolling the democrats would never have been able to use the war on women, social issues, balh-blah-blah”. Anyone that believes that line of BS is naïve and can not possibly be living in political reality. If Mr. Meyer somehow wins this primary, which I anticipate he will not, he will get everything including the kitchen sink thrown at him. If there are people that think his age is positive, the democrats will spin it into a negative, if you think his Fox News contributor status is a positive – well, hold on to your hats.

    2. “The only republicans mentioning the “infamous” joke are Ron Meyer supporters.”

      Well of course. A main reason to support Meyer over Whitbeck is because he hasn’t made mistakes like that joke. We need to put up the best possible candidate against Jennifer Wexton, and Whitbeck is an easy target…or atleast, an easier target than Meyer. Google “John Whitbeck” and look at every article about him…they all mention the inappropriate joke:


      Whitbeck is riddled with bad press and nominating him is making the job easier for the Democrats.

      Yes, no matter who we choose, they’ll go after them with the kitchen sink. But we need to put up our best candidate who doesn’t already have baggage. Think Ron is an easy target because of being a “Fox News Contributor”, no need to worry because he isn’t an official “Contributor”, he’s an analyst for Fox News, and also appears all the other major networks. Why? Because he’s great at speaking and selling the message.

      At the end of the day this is what we have:

      John Whitbeck: Lot’s of experience working within the party, but when it comes to elections he’s only lost. Also brings baggage to the table with his anti-semetic joke. Already being characterized as a copy of Cuccinelli…which I wouldn’t mind, except Cuccinelli lost this district, so that could hurt us.

      Ron Meyer: Young, but experienced being a spokesperson for two national conservative organizations. Was a surrogate for Mark Obenshain and worked a lot with the party this past election. He’s new and running with a catchy “Refresh Richmond” slogan. An up and coming conservative star is exactly what the RPV needs. Does not come to the table with baggage like Whitbeck.

      I like both guys, but I think Ron Meyer is the obvious candidate to put up against Jennifer Wexton if we want to win…which I hope we do, because we really need this tie-breaking seat.

    3. I love the portrayal of Ron Meyer as some type of Phoenix that will rise over Richmond and cure all it’s ills. Unrealistic expectations make for poor representation, which is why Meyer has zero endorsements. Continue on with your attacks, duly noted for any future office runs.

    4. A. Nobody claims Meyer will rise over Richmond and cure all of its’ ills. I just think he’s a great candidate (I also have the same feelings for John Whitbeck)

      B. Meyer has zero official endorsements because he’s not an LCRC insider and wasn’t the 10th district chairman with lots of friendly connections.

      C. How have I attacked? And how can you accuse me of attacks after reading this blog post inappropriately attacking Ron.

      I’ve said over and over again, I like John Whitbeck. BUT, his joke incident is going to destroy us in the general election. Regardless, I will still support him if he wins. Ron Meyer is just a better candidate with a better chance of winning the general.

  4. If Ron Meyer really has a job, then what is the name of his company and what is the registration number with the State Corporation Commission? I can’t find any record of him on any company, and no tax records for any business with his name associated. It very much appears like his only job is living off of his girlfriend.

    1. “It very much appears like his only job is living off of his girlfriend.” Real classy personal attack. Fantastic way to get young people excited about the local political party.

      Currently he’s been putting his focus on running for office as far as I know, which makes sense. Before now, he has been a spokesman for two different national conservative organizations (press secretary for one). And I believe he did run his own PR consultancy, not sure the name…technically it doesn’t have to have a name if it’s a sole proprietorship. But idk, you’d have to ask him…

      If you really want to get answers, instead of just trying to make the guy look bad, email them: Team@RonMeyer.com

  5. If Whitbeck supporters put as much time trying to dig up dirt…i mean, make up dirt, about Ron Meyer as they did for their own candidate, then we’d be having a fair and balanced discussion. As a Meyer supporter, I’m not going to search and search and search for bad stuff about John Whitbeck, he seems like a nice guy and I like his stances, let’s leave it at that. I’m not going to personally attack him, like many have been doing to Ron. The RPV needs to get beyond crazy infighting where we beat ourselves before we even start. But, I will point out, only because it’s mentioned in just about every article about John Whitbeck, the anti-semetic joke he made. That cat is already out of the bag, but Whitbeck supporters are choosing to look the other way because they really like the guy, and I don’t blame them….but we need to think about what’s on the line here…A TIE-BREAKING STATE SENATE SEAT! This is huge, this is important for the Republican Party! This needs to be a win and we need to put up the best candidate possible. I believe Ron Meyer is the best candidate to put up against Wexton. There’s no denying he has less baggage. He’s never told an anti-semetic joke in a national spotlight.

    (I want to restate, just for clarity, that I do not take umbrage with John Whitbeck’s joke and I believe he meant no harm by it. I’ve heard great things about Whitbeck and I don’t think that joke defines anything about how good of a person he is or how well he’d do in office. The problem is, democrats will exploit his bad press until they’re blue in the face talking about it. We can’t risk that in such an important election. We need to win.)

  6. I think it is a reasonable question … who is Ron Myer’s employer.

    I guess a better question is what has Ron accomplished in his life that would give him insight into crafting legislation?

    He is 24. I still do not get how he would run for congress as you need to be 25. People grew up sooner back when the constitution was written because they had to. Ron could become formidable, but should go out and DO SOMETHING first.

    1. He’s had multiple employers…want names of each of his college internships?

      Or how about “regular” jobs that he was paid for:

      Spokesperson of Young America’s Foundation
      Spokesperson and Press Secretary of American Majority Action

      And then a PR consultant

      Oh and it’s also worth mentioning he was an Obenshain surrogate.

      How about he DO SOMETHING first? Like appear on Fox News and fox News business over 100 times? Oh wait, but that’s one network. Well how about his appearances on CNN, CNBC, MSBC, and also lots of conservative talk shows. He knows the message and is great at selling it. He doesn’t fit the mold the democrats want to attack.

      He’s pretty dang accomplished and it’s even more impressive when you consider his age.

      Oh and Catherine…no, asking for the name of his employers is not an attack. But this blog post is the definition of a complete personal assault on a candidate. The lies are just a disgrace.

  7. Great, Ron is a good salesman. So is Terry McAuliffe, apparently. The gift of gab is really a plus, but it doesn’t make you a good legislator.

    What company (name of the org would be nice) does Ron Meyer work for NOW and what business did he start? No one can answer those 2 questions and they are pretty basic.

    1. “The gift of gab is really a plus, but it doesn’t make you a good legislator.”

      I didn’t realize the other republican candidate had any experience being a legislator.

      As for your question, I’m not going to make assumptions and speak for Meyer. I don’t want to misrepresent him. If you really want answers, ask them personally, I’m sure you’ll get an answer. Email: Team@RonMeyer.com

      He has had multiple jobs. He has ran his own business. To figure out the details, that’s up to you. Ask him. Or people can keep on making stuff up like this blog post did.

  8. Sorry JT, the candidate needs to provide the most basic information – like current employer. I don’t know any candidate that has run for office that has not provided the name of their current employer. Or claimed to run a business and NOT provided the business’s name. Further, the voters at the primary are going to make the determination on who will make the better legislator. Being able to talk to Political pundits on a cable show, while mildly entertaining, is probably #25 on their list of things they are concerned about. This is a state senate race, I am confident constituents will vote according to what is important. There is one serious candidate, and one candidate no one knows anything about, because he has provided even the most basic information.

  9. Why doesn’t Ron Meyer answer any of these questions, instead of hiding behind John Hill’s, a.k.a. JTHmishmash, apron strings? If Ron wants to represent the district, he could start by answering basic questions about how he generates revenue to support himself.

    Voters have a right to know such things as the name of his “PR” company — so that we can be assured that the is operating legitimately, paying its taxes, and not involved in any questionable or scandalous activities. Even if he is not incorporated, the rule in Fairfax County is: Individuals engaged in home occupations and self employed must also file [and pay BPOL taxes] if gross receipts are greater than $10,000.

    Ron Meyer surrounds his occupation, or the lack thereof, in a cloak of secrecy that makes his candidacy a bit suspicious.

    1. I don’t think Ron Meyer is hiding anything and I’m sure he’d be happy to answer your questions. I just don’t want to make up any information that might not be true. I’ve never even met the guy personally. Right now his job is to defeat Jennifer Wexton, I know that, and I support him in it.

      If you have any questions, email HIM if you actually care to hear the answers: team@RonMeyer.com

      Stop pretending like he’s hiding stuff when you haven’t even made an attempt to get an answer. Just ask. I’ve never even personally met the guy, but I emailed his campaign about the claims in this blog, and they provided a quick response as you see in the update. I’m sure they’d be happy to answer further questions. I’m under the impression that he really wants to talk to the people he’ll be representing.

      “There is one serious candidate,” if you’re talking about John Whitbeck, I think you’re mistaken. Well actually, I’m sure he’s serious, but he’s certainly not viable. Bad press surrounds him, he carries baggage with him…YOU KNOW the democrats will exploit that recent bad press and destroy him with it. It’s unfortunate, and I will support him if he’s nominated, but we need the best possible candidate to defeat Jennifer Wexton, I believe that man is Ron Meyer.

      I don’t have an issue with the information I have about Ron Meyer, I feel fully informed about both candidates and have enough information to make an appropriate decision on Monday. If you don’t have what you want to make a decision, go find the truth…a good place to start would be to ask the appropriate people the questions you want answers too. Questions about Ron are better answered by him and his campaign…not the people on this blog.

    2. You’ve never even met the guy and you are going out in a very long limb repeatedly for him? Why? Rob J, Jeanine, myself – we have all been working with John for years.

  10. Mishmash, I guess it comes down to flash v. substance. Ron is still we behind the ears.

    The VA senate requires some understanding of the problems confronting VA’s families. Frankly, Ron does not have the resume. College internships are not a substitute for a job, let alone a career.

    Having a family,and being responsible for more than just yourself is another element of Ron’s deficiencies. It is not his fault that in 24 years he has not seen such. He eventually will. Right now, he ain’t there.

  11. Mishmash, You say a few posts above about Ron Meyer “I’ve never even personally met the guy” but on other blogs, such as Bull Elephant, you said “As a personal friend to Ron. . .”

    Which is it? You surely understand the effect on your overall credibility.

  12. Ruggles, please pay attention to detail. On Bull Elephant, I was quoting someone else…in fact, I was quoting the update on this post, it was a response from someone in the Meyer campaign.

    Loudoun Lady, why am I going out on a limb for Meyer, a guy I’ve never personally met? Well, it doesn’t really feel like going on out a limb. He’s a strong conservative with a great fresh message presentation that the RPV really needs if they’re going to rebounded from a series of losses. I’ve come into this election from a very objective position knowing a small even-ish amount about each candidate before they announced their run. I knew of Ron Meyer as a conservative guy running for congress with an awesome message against Connolly, except he was probably going to lose against the incumbent in an extremely liberal district. I knew of John Whitbeck as an LCRC guy and 10th district chairman, and then I knew more about him when I saw the Cuccinelli campaign had to issue a response due to his anti-semetic joke at that rally…I think inappropriate was the term they used to describe it.

    At the end of the day, we can choose a more seasoned republican conservative guy who’s had some very recent bad press or we can choose a younger republican guy who does not bring baggage to the door, just a fresh message.

    We need this seat. We need the tie-breaking vote to stop Obamacare in Virginia. We need the tie-breaking vote to lower taxes. We need the tie-breaking vote to defeat the liberal agenda in Virginia. The man who has the best shot at defeating Jenifer Wexton? I believe that man to be Ron Meyer.

    1. This cracks me up! the updates to the article prove the author didn’t know anything about Ron before they wrote it, great work! And all of you attacking him over job stuff or personal stuff I am glad you all put in time to write your comments but you all sound so petty. He clearly has had two jobs, listed in the comments multiple times, and while he has been focused on running for office he has also been a PR consultant which is the job he technically has now. I actually know Ron personally and have since 2006 and know he is a great guy who isn’t hiding behind anything. I’d love to have you all take a moment and realize how idiotic you sound in your comments when you make personal comments about someone you do not know and have made no real effort to learn about. You are what is wrong with politics, uniformed people sounding off about things they do not know about.

    2. PR consultant? Who are the clients? I am ‘The Grand Advisor to The President’, except he never returns my calls.

    1. Satchmo, I thought you were the infamous BlackOut that is now trying to change your online persona to become relevant again. As if that will ever happen.

  13. I checked Bearing Point LL as you suggested. Are you really bragging for coming in second to last?? Really went out on a limb there on the McAliffe and Jackson choices.

    I’ll stand by my inference your posts make a lot of stuff up.

  14. Ron Meyer is an immature kid and a jerk.

    Also, if he is such a conservative, has anyone asked if he has pre-marital sex with his live-in girlfriend?

    1. Interesting. What element of political conservatism dictates that one should be celibate? (small central government? responsible fiscal policy? strong defense policy? protection of personal liberties? low tax rates?)

      The problem with Meyer is not whether or not he is “conservative” (whatever the hell that means these days). The problem is that he has not lived long enough, has not had enough life experiences, has not accomplished enough to make any credible claim that he can serve the People effectively. Once he has completed military service, or accomplished admirable things in business or academics, then, perhaps, he can come to the electorate and volunteer his time and service. Right now, at this early stage of his life, his appetite for any open office (and the TV cameras) makes him look like nothing more than a political hobbyist who is willing to enter the public payroll lists for the rest of his life. I view career politicos as the bane of the Republic. I would never vote for anyone whose career is running for office. Meyer risks falling in that category unless he backs up and spend a decade or so establishing that he is a citizen who deserves to be taken seriously.

      Of course, Whitbeck is equally unimpressive despite having and additional dozen years on young Ron. The Jewish joke was an indicator that this guy has no business getting near, let alone on, a ballot.

  15. Nice, so abstinence has become a new pre-requisite to join the LCRC. Pathetic.

    Much better than you LL, I picked every winner. Told you so before the elections too. Of course Monk beat me, last time he bragged about it, I think he was up around 117% and still rising.

  16. Yep, Satch, you sure can pick ’em. You “picked” Obama, who now tops only Dick Nixon during Watergate with regard to public approval numbers in the 5th year of tenure. Even below Bush II. Nice going.

  17. I can only imagine how bad Romney’s numbers would be. As I’ve said before, elections are choices and most of the time neither is perfect.

    Rather than bitching about Obama the GOP should work on getting reasonable candidates. That would swing things around.

  18. Ron was a CONSULTANT???? THAT is the problem here, JTH…..nothing else.
    You see, there are YEARS of blood, sweat and tears from the ACTUAL grassroots in action —and then there is a new slew of these consultant ignoramuses that got paid whether their guy got elected or not. THEY ARE THE PROBLEM, not the solution. I’m still waiting to see Mr. Meyers knock doors for Whitbeck. If he does, I’ll give him props.

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