PWC Loses Its Top 10 Status On Wealthiest Counties List

The U.S. Census Bureau has released their latest list of the wealthiest counties in the U.S. Last year, Prince William County had risen to seventh place, but this year has dropped like a rock, right out of the Top 10 down to 13th place behind Montgomery County, MD.

  1. Falls Church city, Va. $121,250
  2. Loudoun County, Va. $118,934
  3.  Los Alamos County, N.M. $112,115
  4.  Howard County, Md. $108,234
  5.  Fairfax County, Va., $106,690
  6.  Hunterdon County, N.J. $103,301
  7.  Arlington County, Va. $99,255
  8.  Douglas County, Colo. $98,426
  9.  Stafford County, Va. $95,927
  10. Somerset County, N.J. $95,574
  11.  Morris County, N.J. $95,236
  12.  Montgomery County, Md. $94,365
  13.  Prince William County, Va. $93,011

It isn’t just a matter of a number of other counties having their household median incomes increase more than PWC’s. In fact, the median for Prince William County has actually DROPPED in real dollars from $95,146 for 2011 down to $93,011 for 2012.

Way to go PWC supervisors, dropping 6 spots in just one year. Now do you understand that your economic, tax, and regulatory policies are driving us backwards?  This is no longer just political criticism, but a demonstrable FACT with no less than the U.S. Census Bureau confirming it.

The county’s house of cards is beginning to tumble down and the only elected official who has been the lonely voice sounding the alarm on these issues has been Pete Candland (R-Gainesville).

Meanwhile, neighboring Stafford County has leaped ahead of PWC, in large part due to their more business-friendly policies.  Until such time as Prince William County elected officials are willing to undertake a serious reform agenda to change the way the county does business on a whole host of fronts, this downward trend will continue.


6 thoughts on “PWC Loses Its Top 10 Status On Wealthiest Counties List

  1. Falls Church isn’t even a county. So it looks like Loudoun County — and their all-Republican Board of County Supervisors — is at the top of the list again!

  2. I’m surprised you don’t blame Obama for ‘falling like a rock’ to a poverty-like $93 thousand…….and taxes………when we do per capita taxes, which is the real amy spent……….we are among the lowest……….you might also blame Hillary!!! NOMINALLY>>> you really think any of the 6 are closet democrats???????????

  3. Corey Stewart must be so proud!! His lack of effective leadership, his arrogance, his bullying attitude, and his special interest projects is having an impact. Go ahead, Corey, keep butting heads with Supervisor Candland. Keep proving to us why you should NOT be re-elected in 2015.

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