Dick Black Forms Exploratory Cmte. for Congress – UPDATED

State Sen. Dick Black has stated that he is forming an exploratory committee to run for Congress in the 10th Dist. being vacated by Frank Wolf.



Join Senator Black’s Congressional Exploratory Committee!

I have formed an exploratory committee to run for the 10th Congressional District seat that is being vacated by Congressman Frank Wolf.

Frank has worked hard for the 10th District during his 34 years of service, and has announced today that he will not run for re-election in 2014.  I invite you to join my exploratory committee which is simply a declaration that you intend to support me should I become a candidate for Congress in the 10th District.

The 10th Congressional District includes all of Loudoun County, a large portion of Prince William County, and a small portion of Fairfax County. I currently represent over 200,000 people in the 10th District*, including Loudoun and Prince William Counties

As a former member of the House of Delegates I represented parts of Sterling, Herndon, and Great Falls as well.  Between my eight years in the House of Delegates and my current service in the State Senate, I have represented the majority of the 10th Congressional District.

If you would like to be a part of the Black for Congress Exploratory Committee, please contact us HERE.  Also, please take a moment to vote in this poll and voice your support.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Warm regards,

Richard H. Black
Senator of Virginia, 13th District

*Black’s Senate District 13 includes Round Hill, Purcelleville, Hamilton, Lovettesville, part of Leesburg, Hillsboro, Broadlands, Lucketts, Bluemont, Waterford, Ashburn, South Riding, Chantilly, Stone Ridge, Paeonian Springs, Haymarket, Bristow, Gainesville, Catharpin, part of Manassas.

Follow Senator Black on Facebook to keep up with events in Richmond, and please don’t hesitate to contact our office at (703) 468-1342.


Del. Bob Marshall has reportedly endorsed Sen. Black for Congress.  From Facebook:

Michelle Black Staton Delegate Marshall has already endorsed Dick Black in the race and is helping him out.


28 thoughts on “Dick Black Forms Exploratory Cmte. for Congress – UPDATED

  1. Not a huge surprise. Floodgates indeed. I wouldn’t be surprised if half the NoVA GOP Delegates consider it, along with a few others. Aside from Black (who I suspected would look to run), possibly Artur Davis, Joe May, maybe even some folks on the Supervisor level. The GOP needs to be smart here — find a conservative candidate, but someone who appeals to indies and even moderates. The 10th is GOP-leaning, but it is NoVA, which is essentially purple in nature. The right conservative can win, but they can’t be so ideologically pure as to turn off would-be GOP voters. But who knows? Maybe 6 months from now the Democrat brand will be so tarnished that any Republican could win the seat. Things to consider, but let’s play this one right!

  2. Dick would be a great pick for this seat. It should be interesting to see who else expresses interest and how Senator Black compares to them.

  3. Satchmo/Blackout….. here’s a clue. From as far back as I can remember, nobody cares what you think. He couldn’t win the 13th Senate seat, either…..remember?
    Yet, there he is.
    You and your buddies cannot analyze races so much as you espouse how you FEEL about races. This is a guaranteed failure for the person espousing it.
    Dick Black, Dave Larock and John Whitbeck are all burning examples of your pathetic win/place/show rate on these races.
    I’m usually on the money, and you’re usually wrong.

  4. Monk you’re back! How did your treatments go? Ornery as ever I see.

    Are you advocating for a closed convention to benefit Black?

  5. Nothing is closed. We just had an open process called a Mass Meeting in Sterling. ANYONE could cast their vote, providing that they signed a promise that they would in turn support the Republican in that special election.
    We do not provide a platform to enable democrats to determine our candidates any more than democrats allow republicans to choose theirs.

  6. And what the hell is it about treatments? I’m a businessman, and I’ve had a banner year since I stepped outside of the parameters imposed on my old business by the State and Feds. There simply are not enough hours in the days, nor places to spend the money.

  7. “nothing is closed”…keep telling yourselves that. If you come out of your bunker you’ll notice everyone is calling it closed and restrictive.

    Regardless, those closed meetings produce losing candidates. Do you need me to recite them for you?

    The treatments, I am glad you got them, long over due, I actually thought they would mellow you out a little. Nothing disparaging, just acknowledging.

    Glad you started to bring in some cash because that hair brain gold idea you had certainly isn’t panning out.

  8. Monk, long time, no see! Maybe you should “thanks but no thanks” Satch for his comments. Perhaps he wants to refer you to the place where he got his own “treatments.” Nice of him, don’t ya think?

  9. Ah, Satch, getting flustered when someone taps into your ad hominem crap, eh? Getting so red in the face that you can’t even blog straight? BTW, ever figure out that lawyer quote ?

  10. Sorry to disappoint your image Wolverine, I am not frustrated at all. Just posted from an iPad I usually don’t use and it defaulted to anonymous. How boring is that, but you may find it fascinating. Or better yet it will probably start some type of conspiracy theory for you.

  11. You know, he’s STILL wrong about the gold purchases. He FEELS like it’s a bad idea, so he goes with it. This is a sign of the patent stupidity of the left. They FEEL, therefore they hang their hat on it….devoid of any fact to the contrary.
    TWICE as much gold has been sold in this market as has been actually mined from the earth in our entire history….in an effort to keep the prices suppressed. It doesn’t bother me because I’m also invested in the market ….and keep converting earnings to precious metals. As the experts have foretold, it’s not IF the market crashes, it’s WHEN. They also precict that when the shine comes off of the market that’s currently being propped up by the Feds, Gold will bounce to $2500 an ounce. Not bad for something I paid $240 for back in 2002.
    As it sits right now, I’m still pretty with regards to cash outlay for the original purchases.

  12. “Gold, buy high, watch it plunder, pridefully keep buying, then when it turns around (at some unknown point) claim victory that the price is rising.”

    Boy the gold brokers must love you.

    (you love to re-write history, your own history at that)

  13. Back to the original post. What is going on with the blog and other forums associated with Dick Black? When the comments turn to the truth and damaging to Dick Black they are disappearing. What up with dat?

  14. I have not seen anything that is truthful. Hell, even some moderate outright lied about the Senator’s vote on spousal rape….and REVERSED Black’s REAL intent in that vote (like nobody could look it up.)
    Black has prosecuted a spousal rape case, geniuses.

  15. Well Monk, Black has been around for a very long time, and surprise surprise all of the sudden there is a “prosecuted spousal rape case”. Really? Pardon me, but there is enough historical evidence to require a pause. A pause to really be skeptical. Black has made up all kinds of stuff before when he gets in a corner. I really think it is happening again in this case. Prove it! Sorry the track record is too thick to accept anecdotal excuses.

    This shouldn’t be a surprise to you Monk, back in the day, before your little “sit down with the Colonel”, you fought his lies like the rest of us. Short memory? I think so.

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