POLL: Who would you support for Frank Wolf’s congressional seat?

With the announcement today that U.S. Rep. Frank Wolf will not seek reelection in 2014, the floodgates are opening. Who would you support among the following potential candidates for the 10th Congressional Dist.?


27 thoughts on “POLL: Who would you support for Frank Wolf’s congressional seat?

  1. Solid list of potential candidates (although I have my own personal favorites, moreso than others). Anyone want to handicap this race?

  2. The winning candidate will be the person with moderate name recognition best able to set up a federally compliant campaign in under four weeks around the holidays. The best prepared for that task are also preparing for the General Assembly session, and will be banned form fundraising once it starts.

    Somebody is about to bet the farm and give up their seat.

  3. Folks. After watching Ron Meyer’s campaign I know he’s the person Virginia needs in Congress.

    What better chance to get a fresh face in DC than this? Ron can easily win an open seat with his new ideas and fresh perspectives on the issues. He needs to be the new face of the party. With all due respect to the other candidates— it’s time for Ron to win.

  4. First of all..Meyer IS running for congress in the 11th!! Get educated people.
    Second of all… I think this choice is pretty clear. Randy Minchew is the only candidate this past cycle that won re-election convincingly. He has great people working for him, the ability to raise money and a great platform. Get on the bandwagon!

  5. It is unbecoming to jump from race to race. Something seems amiss – 11th Cong. –> 33rd Del. –> 10th Cong.

    Now, to the question at hand – lots of good people on this list, too difficult to choose – but it would have to be between Black, Comstock, Hugo, and A. Davis. for various reasons.

  6. Can someone make a twitter informing us what race Ron Meyer is currently running for? Without real time updates, it’s frankly impossible to keep up.

  7. Two omissions on the list, Joe May and Scott York. I’d be surprised if they both weren’t considering a run.

    1. Last I heard, Joe May was trying to play spoiler to Whitbeck and keep the State Senate in Dem hands. I’ll support him when pigs fly.

    2. Yes, that’s exactly what May is doing. He doesn’t seem to much like republicans which will make it difficult to win a republican nomination for Congress.

    3. Haha, that’s what I heard two years ago when he last ran for chairman of the board of Supervisors. York would be chair for one more term and then he hoped to run for Wolf’s seat when Frank stepped down. I don’t think he’d garner much republican support!

  8. Ron, spend some time supporting other candidates … you are starting to look ridiculous. become an activist in the area – raise money, knock on doors for others. Help people like Black, Comstock and Whitbeck … and in a cycle or two when you run for Conolly’s seat you will have made your bones, and you will get support.

  9. It’s very telling that Supervisor Pete Candland is the only PWC Supervisor that made this list…Stewart must be foaming at the mouth right about now.

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