Recount Update: Are Democrat Voters Truly Morons?

The recount in the Attorney General race is nearing its conclusion. Democrat Mark Herring has picked up several hundred votes and now leads by approximately 800 as of early morning on Wed., Dec. 18th.

How has he picked up so many votes? Well, apparently those “geniuses” who vote for Democrats can’t distinguish between the oval you are supposed to color in on the optical scan cards and the letter “D” for Democrat after Herring’s name. We’ve been receiving reports of this being the case from Tidewater to Stafford. Since the ovals were not filled in, the scanner did not pick up those votes because these truly moronic people colored in the letter “D”.

What other words begin with the letter “D” to describe these voters?


Okay, I could go on and on, but it would be pointless since such people are obviously incapable of understanding anything other than monosyllabic words.

These, my friends, are the people deciding who are elected leaders are.


24 thoughts on “Recount Update: Are Democrat Voters Truly Morons?

  1. What a sore loser…………….hohohohoho………..wake up oh enlightened one…………we’ve had enough of the liks of Obenshain!!! Merry Christmas anyway!!!

  2. Meh, one gets tired of losing after a while. So forgive me if I sound slightly better as I watch the US get destroyed by Democrats, piece by piece. The new leadership in VA (if you want to call them leaders) is just going to extend it to the state level. But whatever. In my view, Obenshain ought to have the opportunity to serve the state in an executive level. Perhaps he will someday. Meanwhile folks, drop your drawers, bend over, and enjoy the next round! (and a Merry Christmas to you as well — thanks for having the guts to say that, rather than the PC Happy Holidays! 😉 )

  3. *bitter, rather than better. But it all goes around in cycles. And again, if the Dems want McA and Herring and so forth as their standard bearers, well they are welcome to ’em!

  4. Farewell dinosaurs. Getting the hint about the future of your backward views yet? You seem to be losing all the elections, if you hadn’t noticed.

  5. Since when is personal liberty a backwards view? Or is big government socialism the new norm in 21st Century America? Please, oh, please enlighten me, K. Bros! I am nothing more than a backwards conservative and I tremble before the might of my intellectual and moral superiors! (sarcasm off)

    1. awwwwwwww take the day off…….think of all the great strides our nation has made in the economy and foreign policy in the past year……….and yess, there is room for you with us………Peace Brother……….and remember Sean’s theme song: We”ll put a boot in your ass, its the American way………..he really means…….we’ll put a boot in your ass if yur samller than me…………do you really want to be part of that group?????????

  6. Not ALL of them. I seem to recall the Democrats going to great lengths to make some inroads in the House of Delegates. All of them (save 2 with one recount pending I believe) lost. The GOP still holds 67 seats in the House. So no, they haven’t lost all the elections. Even so, McA failed to garner 50% of the vote. So the views aren’t backwards, of course if you want to enlighten us as to why you THINK personal liberty, the right to self-defense, keeping more of the money you earn, and objecting to the killing of kids in the womb on moral grounds is backwards, then please feel free to do so.

  7. Gerrymandered districts will allow the republicans to hang on for a bit longer. Democrats are dominating (hey another ‘D’ word) national and state=wide.

  8. TH has identified a real issue in a democratic society: the citizens have a say in who leads them. There are places in the world where this is not a problem.

  9. If you read the report, you’ll find that that the mismarked ballots were
    not market “D” but rather with an “X”, which seems rather an easy mistake to make.

    Moronic people? Look who’s talking!

    1. Ruth, we have information from actual ballot observers that saw with their own eyes the letter “D” colored in instead of the optical scan oval. There were 20 such instances in Stafford County alone. Care to refute this?

  10. Of course they’re morons — just look at their positions:

    – We are too stupid to decide what cars, toilet, light bulbs, and health insurance to buy, so we have to have the government tell us.

    – We are too stupid to be trusted with guns, so the government must take them from us.

    – We are too stupid to give properly to charity, so the government must take our money and give it away properly.

    – We are too stupid to elect school board members who will decide on our school curriculum, so we have to have unelected government bureaucrats decide.

    – We are too stupid to decide how much soda to drink, so the government has to limit what we can buy.

    1. you are just plain stupid…………..its great you recognize your condition………… do something about it!! amen…………..

  11. Warren, couldn’t have said it better myself! Although I would add to it that a lot of Democrat-elitists are of the opinion that the vast majority of Americans are too stupid to take care of themselves and their families (including those that are) and thus they propose and implement policies accordingly.

    1. Anonymous has a wonderful vocabulary and mindset……elitist!! We all know the real elitists are corporate republicans…….not us poor working class folks who see a better economy by helping poor hard working folks raise their std of living…………….’too stupid’ to take care of themselves”………hummmmmmm because of all the stupid people who dont see how hard many poor people work (2-3 jobs)……….now there is a real genius!!! go back to your cave anonymous and dont embarass yourself further…………..hummmmmmmmmmmmDidnt Mary and Joseph and the Baby Jesus live in a stable???? i suppose you think they were stupid too!!! genius

  12. Didnt Mary and Joseph and the Baby Jesus live in a stable??? Um, no. They stayed in a stable because there was no room for them at the inn in Bethlehem when they traveled for the census. Now who’s stupid?

    1. High Fiver to Anonymous from random female. Just started looking around the site and read enough of your comments to see we must come from the same cave, located right next to the freaking Holiday Inn Express that Mary gave birth to Jesus in.

      I was burnt out too after Nov. Do not move to Texas!

  13. “We all know the real elitists are corporate republicans…….”

    You’ll get no argument from me on that. They push for legalization of unlawful aliens so that they can get more cheap, unskilled labor.

    On the other side, the demonrats push for legalization so they stay in power.

    In the middle are working-class American CITIZENS, taking it at both ends.

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