Jeanine Lawson Declares Candidacy for PWC Board

Virtucon’s long-time friend Jeanine Lawson has made it official – she will run once again for the Prince William County Board of Supervisors in 2015 to represent the Brentsville Dist. according to Potomac Local.

The full text of the email to her supporters follows:

Season’s Greetings,

Wow, It’s Christmas time and here we are saying goodbye to 2013 and on to a new year. No doubt you are busier than normal with shopping, decorating, and celebrating the season. I am also, so I’ll keep this as short as possible.

I have (with Dan’s encouragement) recently decided to make another run for the Prince William Board of Supervisors (BOCS), Brentsville District. Last July marked 18 years in our home, and Dan and I would not choose to raise Catherine and Luke anywhere else than here in Western Prince William County. We love our community! From the beautiful rural landscape of the Nokesville area to the Linton Hall Corridor where we live and the kids attend school, I’m so thankful to call Brentsville District our home. Even after all these years of living in Western PWC, I am still often times moved by the beautiful scenery and historical landscape of Prince William County.

Since my primary loss in 2011, I have remained very active with the community. In the last year I have been elected to president of the Patriot High School Advanced Placement (AP) Development Association. Catherine is a sophomore at Patriot and in the AP Program. Essentially this new organization is a booster club to support the 800+ students and staff of this specialty program. Also, in September I was voted by my fellow members of the Safe Schools Advisory Council to serve as chairman in the 2013-14 school year. With over 85,000 students in PWC schools, you can imagine the range of issues concerning safety. I have enjoyed both of these new leadership roles serving the community. I am also still very active with the Republican Party and continue to serve in state party leadership on the State Central Committee of the Republican Party of Virginia. Last, but certainly not least, much of my time in 2013 has been spent working with state and local elected officials and hundreds of citizens who oppose the Bi-County Parkway. This proposed road alignment raises a lot of concerns and I believe our state and local government should spend our taxpayer funds on more meaningful transportation solutions.

So why am I running again? Because I remain very committed to our community.

We learned from the 2010 census that PWC grew 43% from 2000-2010 with Brentsville District alone growing at 102%. Well, as we know, with all these new residents come serious demands to our infrastructure and that has lagged behind. Therefore our students attend schools well over capacity, sitting in traffic has become a way of life, and normal levels of service provided by local government are under achieved. Also, two-third of our workers commute outside the county to their jobs, and taxpayers continue to watch their property tax bills climb. We can do better!

Some of my vision for Prince William County and more specifically the Brentsville District includes:

* School Capacity and Class Size Reduction: We simply cannot build public schools fast enough to keep up with the growth. Currently, there are tens of thousands of additional homes approved to be built countywide. And to make matters worse, our class sizes are at the highest state allowed numbers. I am committed to working with Mr. Gil Trenum,(and honored to have his endorsement) Brentsville representative to the PWC School Board and his colleagues to bring resolution to this problem. Our kids and teachers deserve better!

* Attracting Business Growth: Clearly, we need to shift our focus to attracting business job growth which will also result in a healthier tax base. Right now, less than 20% of the county’s property tax revenue is from commercial and/or industrial property. It is the BOCS who is responsible for voting to rezone business property to residential property. This trend needs to stop. We need to do a better job of marketing our County’s assets to the business community. Virginia is known to be a very business-friendly state. We must take advantage of that, our location to our nation’s capital, and the high quality of our skilled work force. This is a trio of rare assets to many localities across the nation. We can do better because of these!

*Conservative Fiscal Policy: PWC has the highest tax rate in Virginia when you include the real estate tax rate and other levies. I expect all levels of government to be wise stewards of the people’s money. Property owners have watched their tax bills climb and the County’s five year plan calls for tax increases for each of the next five years. We can do better!

*Meaningful Transportation Solutions: As I stated earlier, I am committed to continue the fight against the infamous Bi-County Parkway. Property rights are under attack from VDOT’s over-reaching power grab, the historic Manassas Battlefield will forever be changed, local road closures will wreak havoc on our secondary roads, the Rural Crescent character and policy will be compromised and hundreds of millions of tax dollars will be wasted to serve one special interest group. We can do better!

This is where I stand.

The Elections for the BOCS are not until 2015, however I am announcing my candidacy and asking for your support at this time for a couple of reasons. First, I wanted to let you know I am a candidate. Secondly, there is a strong likelihood the incumbent Brentsville board member will resign sometime in 2014 which will require a special election for this seat in 2014 and also another election in November of 2015.

In 2011, I chose to keep my campaign account open not knowing the certainty of my political future. Well, I’m glad I did.
Unfortunately raising money is a necessity of campaigns. The sole purpose is to market your message to the electorate while showing a base of financial donors who support the candidacy. I am asking for your help to achieve this goal.

I need to raise funds by December 31st to move this campaign forward. My next report is due in January. This means I need to disclose donations received by the end of the year. I’d like to post a healthy amount raised to show I already have a broad base of supporters. I recognize it’s Christmas time and possibly the worst time to ask for a political contribution, but whether you can contribute $15, $25, $100 or $250, all of the money raised will make a difference!

Checks can be made payable to “Lawson for Supervisor” and mailed to my treasurer Carolyn Ruwe at 13724 Bridlewood Drive, Gainesville, VA 20155. ( I am also working to reactivate my PayPal account and website) Again, just a reminder, all donations must be dated and received by December 31st (not deposited) in order to meet this first and crucial reporting deadline. I truly am grateful for your consideration.

As the local political grapevine shakes with questions of who might be the next Brentsville Supervisor?? My reply to all who ask is: “I’m in!”

I’d be honored to have your support however you are able.

Merry Christmas!

Jeanine Lawson

PS Please “Like” my Facebook page Jeanine Lawson for Brentsville

She joins Virtucon’s own Terrence Boulden who has already declared his candidacy for the Woodbridge Dist. seat on the PWC Board.  These two are the first in what will likely be a team of reform-minded Republicans seeking to offer solutions to the problems facing the county, candidates who are proactive in addressing the issues instead of merely responding to them after they have reached crisis proportions as some current board members do.

Lawson and Boulden know that the answer is applying conservative principles to come up with creative solutions and that means replacing both Democrats and those Republicans who have lost their way and begun acting like Democrats.  Both of these candidates would certainly be welcome reinforcements for Gainesville Dist. Supervisor Pete Candland who has waged a lonely war for good government the past two years.


6 thoughts on “Jeanine Lawson Declares Candidacy for PWC Board

  1. I see her only transportation plank is not liking the BCP. I’d love to know what she would support.

    Historically when a road project is killed, the “better”, more “reasonable” successor never materializes. Part of NoVA’s problem is a lack of infrastructure to support the growth that was 1) foreseeable and 2) is now here to stay.

    1. Not liking the BCP has basically become a bumper sticker at this point. Ask any opponent what their alternative is and they’ll say something equally cliche like “Fix I-66”, “Expand metro”, or my favorite, “Just widen Rt. 15 instead”. That right there should clue you in on what their real motivations are, and I’ll give you a hint, it doesn’t have so much to do with new parkways as it does with new parkways near their own property. Ms. Lawson is just trying to pick up a populist narrative by not supporting the BCP and I’ll be sure not to support her for it.

  2. I’d have no problem with the BCP if it didn’t include shutting down Rt 29. I’ve lived southwest of the Manassas Battlefield for over 40 years, and often use that corridor for transportation. Losing that while back roads are closed for the construction would mean a single alternative – Rt 66. If there was an accident there your commute to or from work could be many hours. That is clearly unacceptable to anyone that has knowledge of the traffic flow in the area.

    1. My interpretation was that Rt. 29 wasn’t going to be closed, but they were going to “calm” it in an effort to dissuade commuters from travelling on it. Rt. 234 through the park would be closed except to residents who need access to their homes.

      I can understand the rationale of the NPS in this. To them, given up a few dozen acres on the fringe of the park to get cars out of the heart of it is worth it to them. Anyone who truly cares about the park would at least feel good about that happening. I think a lot of the people who oppose the BCP use the park as a crutch when they won’t admit they just don’t want a new road near their property. 

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