Beware snake-oil salesmen from DC

Caveat Emptor – “Let the Buyer Beware” – is a phrase Republicans in Virginia should remember, especially as one of our prime snake-oil salesman tries to turn himself ino a “winning” product.

I speak of Ed Gillespie, the former Virginia GOP Chairman who gave us an unconstitutional tax increase (and generated the fury that lost the party its State Senate majority in 2007), the former Bush advisor who sold us the bank-bailout (never mind that the worst of the Great Recession came after it was passed), and the general consultant who helped run Mitt Romney’s campaign into the ground.

Now Gillespie wishes to be Republican nominee for US Senator? Last I checked, the fourth time was never the charm.

Gillespie has managed to “fall upward” for years with the same strategy: insist that only “moderate” candidates can win, then vanish when said “moderates” lose anyway.

We last saw this dog-and-pony show in 2012, from the Romney campaign, trying to disqualify Newt and Santorum.

Who gave us the glorious Romney disaster of 2012? Gillespie was his general consultant.

Five years earlier, Gillespie’s short tenure as Chair of the Republican Party of Virginia saw widespread reports that he tried to strongarm conservatives against running, then stiff-armed them for party funding or support after they won the nominating contests.

He also came out strong in support of the unconstitutional tax hike known as HB3202. That was such a good law that it was later overturned by the Virginia Supreme Court.

By the time voters vented their rage at the idea (the GOP’s Senate majority was lost, and their House of Delegates majority almost halved), Gillepie had already moved on to the Bush Administration, where he would spend his time defending the TARP bailouts and the Bush administration’s financial management.

Four years later came the Romney debacle, yet even that wasn’t enough to keep Gillespie from the Republican State Leadership Committee.

Now, in 2013 RSLC had only one job: win races in Virginia, supposedly Ed’s home state, since Christie had NJ locked up.

Ed spent $20 million, and went 0-for-2. Three million went to Mark Obenshain, and the rest was for Ken Cuccinelli.

Note the missing name: E.W. Jackson, conservative nominee for Lieutenant Governor. Never mind that the race was competitive well into the fall, polls were tied in September and that Jackson won the critical endorsement of the state’s Police Benevolent Association. Gillespie had declared the LG race unwinnable, and that was that. Given that EW spent about $1.50/vote, even $1 million would likely have tipped that race, giving Republicans at least one win.

But that would have meant Gillespie’s only-moderate-model would have been made even more laughable, so naturally, that didn’t happen.

Now this tax-hiking, bailout-loving, big-government Washington establishment man wants Virginia Republicans to believe he is a conservative and the candidate who can beat Mark Warner.

He is, in point of fact, neither. It is better for conservatives to take the long view, and nominate a conservative who is different from Warner and who will hold him to account with well-stated disagreements.

The establishment argument that no one but their chosen candidates can win has been disproven by those candidates’ own failues. It’s time for new blood, new ideas- and representation with minimal DC pedigree.

Gillespie’s record is too-Washington-heavy, and too littered with failure, to win Republicans’ support for the nomination.


7 thoughts on “Beware snake-oil salesmen from DC

  1. I am watching with great interest to see how many dozen votes this site’s attack on Gillespie will influence. He may not be able to defeat Warner, but he is by some considerable measure more competent, knowledgeable, and electable than any alternatives I’ve heard to date.

    If we’re talking about R options here, my question concerning Gillespie would be: in comparison to whom?

  2. Thank you for addressing the way the establishment treated EW Jackson. That was a VERY winnable race against, in my opinion, the most dangerous candidate the Dems ran. TMac is a puppet with no convictions. Herring seems to be cut out of the TMac cloth. Northam, however, is a true believer in the progressive ideology he campaigned on. Any pediatric surgeon who is so radically anti-life is an extraordinarily creepy individual.

  3. I’m pretty sure 99% of the Reps knew that Jackson didn’t stand a chance.
    Did you see much support from Cuccunelli and Obenshain? Do you believe
    that they were pleased with having Jackson onboard? He wa voted in late at night

  4. Seeing that Northam was the only statewide Dem to get a majority of the vote, how do you think that was a “winnable” race?

    1. The beauty of being a TrueCon is never being wrong, Gordon. It is always the dastardly RINO establishment figures who stab the glorious martyrs for Constitutional Conservative Values in the back and prevent them from winning. The only solution is to double down and repeat. And if you fail again, the RINOs are just trying to teach you a lesson. Best to try again. And again.

      Ed’s not perfect and I doubt he can win. But he can raise money so there’s that. Also you left off his work for Bush 2004, the last winning Republican Presidential campaign.

      And if you think Ed Gillespie cost Republicans the State Senate in 2007, you’re smoking something that’s only legal in Washington and Colorado.

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