Hitler and AGW Cultists Stuck in Sea Ice

The real trouble with government funded science is that when the government wants a certain answer – the guys getting the funding try too hard to provide the answer the government wants.  Climate-gate was just the tip of the iceberg.  No pun intended … really, honest,  cross my heart.  News Flash: the extent of the Antarctic Polar Sea Ice this year is the largest ever since we started keeping records … in the 1970’s.

The saddest part of all this is not my shameless violation Godwin’s law, it is that the American media refused to mention in many cases that this ship of fools stuck in the ice was a bunch of AGW cultists.  American deserve better from their fourth estate.  In typical fashion, the humorless left could not or would not see the wonderful irony in all this and resorted to, you guessed it, name calling as a means of defending the antics of this group. One would think university trained climatologists could have checked the weather and ice pack conditions prior to setting sail.

The British media, chastened after the fiasco at East Anglia University, has fully reported the story. The scientists went down to the Antarctic specifically to demonstrate that the polar ice caps were gone in the summer.  Instead they were stuck in the largest ever record sea ice field.  They wound up having to be rescued by helicopter.  The carbon tax on the rescue operation should reforest the Amazon Basin.

The scientists have been stuck aboard the stricken MV Akademik Schokalskiy since Christmas Day, with repeated sea rescue attempts being abandoned as icebreaking ships failed to reach them.

Even the Chinese rescue ship was also stuck in the ice trying to rescue these waifs.  None of this made the front page in the NYT or elsewhere in the American Media Industrial Complex.  The public has been sold of bill of goods on the matter of global warming, by people who want to use this issue as a means of global wealth redistribution and control.  If they really believed it, those making money off the scam, like Al Gore, would not be living in 30,000 SQFT super mansions.

I am considering posting a recipe for BBQ Seal or roasted Penguin tomorrow … so stayed tuned.  I just cannot think what the vegetable side should be … nothing green grows down there except lichen and seaweed.  Your recommendation for wine or beer selection would be appreciated.


5 thoughts on “Hitler and AGW Cultists Stuck in Sea Ice

  1. Robert – You are obviously an intelligent and well-informed citizen. But why do ou hate the govt so much. Are you aware that the greatness of our nation is built on a foundation of laws and regulations………..and many successes? Yes, we have many failures like some of the awful wars we have started and in building the foundations of things that need to be done…like health car………………..but at the end of the day, we have the most awesome society in the history of mankind……………………thanks to the govt and its citizens!! Happy New Year

    1. The government that created this wonderful society is not the one that we have now. During our history, we have had ups and downs for sure. To say that one hates the government because of specific things that it does here and there is not accurate. What Climate Change followers and other big government advocates propose is the exact opposite of what made our country great. We as a country became great by allowing our citizens the freedom to try and fail andbenefit from their labor. Climate Change, The Affordable Care Act, Medicare, Welfare, Social Security….are all ways for the government get into your business (life/wallet.) When they take enough away, you become dependent on them to give you enough back to live off of. That has been the struggle between governments and their citizens throughout time.

    2. Hey Ken, tell us what you are doing to fulfill that “green” lifestyle. Is (Are) your car(s) top ten in fuel economy? Do you walk or ride a bike everywhere? Did ()or do) you always have a short commute? Why aren’t you living in a small apartment in a city and taking up less space?

  2. Government is a necessary evil in an imperfect world. However, freedom and personal liberty is God-given and the Founders knew this all too well. This is why they put a framework for a limited Government in place. Susie is quite correct in her assessment, this “temporary Administration” (as all Administrations are temporary when you REALLY think about it) has sought to expand the size, scope, and influence of the Government far beyond its intended purpose. I would rather work and earn my living than take any type of handout from the Feds. But that’s just me and how I was raised.

  3. FYI – Just an aside.
    Scandinavia is having a green winter so far. No snow, no ice, temperatures above freezing.

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