The Dems Must Be Worried About Gillespie…

We’re hearing that Democrats are sending around a 2012 article claiming that potential GOP senate candidate Ed Gillespie lobbied for a federal individual health insurance mandate.  The obvious intent here is to stir the pot among Republicans and torpedo Gillespie’s chances with the conservative base given they are doing it in a mocking fashion rather than praising the stance with which they agree.

The only problem is the article is incorrect.

The dispute concerns Gillespie’s work, at lobbying firm, Quinn Gillespie & Associates, for the Coalition to Advance Health Care Reform. One of the five principles for reform that group favored was an individual mandate.

. . .

“I stopped lobbying for QGA six weeks after CAHR was launched, there was no consensus in CAHR for a mandate at that time, and I was not tasked with lobbying for one.”

By contrast, Gillespie stated back then that he “thought the tax code and insurance reforms were the best way to get everyone covered.”

So if you hear the charge that Gillespie supported and lobbied for the individual health insurance mandate, the facts contradict such claims.

Is it any wonder they would be worried given their candidate in the race, Mark Warner, has things like this floating around?


3 thoughts on “The Dems Must Be Worried About Gillespie…

  1. Well, you are better informed than most people Jim…….BUT, right now, you are in the wrong party. So many people have political amnesia……….look how great things are now………!! Peace and Happy New Year………..

    1. Yes, things are so great that the 26 weeks of unemployment assistance was extended to 99 weeks 5 years ago and they have been extending it ever since with the latest being an “emergency” extension of another 3 months. Doesn’t sound so great to me if we have people hurting for that length of time.

  2. Ken, for the love of God, for all your “moderate musings” you cannot POSSIBLY say with a straight face that things are great right now.

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