Wexton Compares “Tea Party Republicans” to Rapists

Democrat Jennifer Wexton, who is running in the 33rd State Senate Dist. to represent parts of Loudoun and Fairfax counties in the General Assembly, is airing a TV ad that more than just raises a few eyebrows.

A woman assaulted at night by the reservoir. Another by an intruder who forced his way in through her bedroom window. And for so many, traumatized again by facing the criminal in court.

I’m Jennifer Wexton and as a prosecutor I put violent offenders in prison. In the Virginia Senate, I’ll fight just as hard against Tea Party Republicans who would take away a woman’s health care and her right to choose, even in cases of rape and incest. On election day, help me stand up for her.

That’s right. The entire gist of her ad is to compare “Tea Party Republicans” to the rapists she prosecuted.

Apparently, it isn’t enough to just disagree with someone else’s ideas and offer better ones of her own. No, Wexton has to jump the shark and go straight to comparing her ideological opponents to the most disgusting pieces of human debris on the planet – rapists. (Why doesn’t she just go all out and invoke Godwin’s law and compare them to Hitler and/or Nazis?)

Wexton should know better. This ignorant statement by her trivializes the brutal trauma that women who have been raped went through by comparing it to disagreements in political discourse. She owes not only “Tea Party Republicans” an apology, but victims of rape.


16 thoughts on “Wexton Compares “Tea Party Republicans” to Rapists

  1. I’m tired of this BS. It’s well past time that Democrats get away with this nonsense. I want a comment from McAuliffe on this. Northam. Herring. And Democratic leadership. It not only should be condemned, an apology issued, but she ought to consider dropping out of the race.

  2. Republicans bring this on themselves. When they take ridiculous positions, such as banning abortion even in the case of rape or incest, they can’t expect not to get some blow back. It worked for McCauliff and it will work for every Dem as long as the Republican candidates (in that race or any other) is that extreme. Good God! Please learn something.

  3. Watching an idiot like Scratchmo tell someone else they don’t know how to play “the game” is hilarious. This failed know-it-all has had his ass handed to him so many times we lost track after a couple hundred times.

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