Jennifer Wexton Named In Bankruptcy Lawsuit

Jennifer Wexton is a codefendant in a lawsuit where allegations of missing client trust money have been levied on her partnership, by Wexton’s former clients. It appears that the plaintiffs, Gail and Theodore Moore, may have been defrauded by the ‘possibly-illegal’ partnership of Ritenour, Paice, Mougin-Boal & Wexton (hereafter collectively referred to as “RPMW”) to the tune of over $130,000.  As an attorney on this case, Wexton may find herself culpable for the missing funds.

The case of Moore v. RPMW was filed at 11:00 AM on 12/24/13 before Judge Mayer in Alexandria VA.  The case number is 13-01337-RGM. The attorney for the plaintiffs is Frank Bredimus.  The Moore family is filing for bankruptcy under Chapter 11 and suing RPMW citing Wexton and others as the cause of their predicament.  There is nothing new under the sun here.  A lawyer or lawyers at RPMW have been accused of swindling the Moores, who were the proper recipients of monies from a trust fund.  Where did the Moore’s money go?

The first part of the complaint is as follows:

  • Neither RPMW nor its predecessor nor any individual or corporate Defendant has filed a certificate on behalf of RPMW or its predecessor as called for in Virginia Code Section 59.1-69. 12.
  • There exists no written partnership agreement creating the general partnership known as RPMW or its predecessor.
  • The services as referenced herein provided by Ritenour, Ritenour, P.C. and RPMW to the Moore family were legal services.
  • All partners of RPMW are liable jointly and severally for all of the obligations of the partnership

It appears Jennifer Wexton is a partner in a law firm is in violation of Virginia Code Section 59.1-69. 12. What this means is that no person, partnership, LLC or Corp. shall conduct business in VA under any assumed or fictitious name unless they sign a certificate stating the name under which such business is to be conducted.  This is to defend the public from potential fraud.  The statute is applicable here as the law firm allegedly changed its name to avoid suit by the Moore family.

It appears that in their hurry to avoid one legal issue, RPMW stumbled into a second.  As a former prosecutor in Loudoun, one would expect Ms. Wexton to both follow the law and have the acumen to steer RPMW clear of such a simple legal pitfall.

The second part of the complaint is:

  • On or about January 30, 2012, an entity known as PIM, LLC sold certain real property resulting in substantial proceeds of sale.  PIM, LLC was an LLC owned by Theodore I. Moore and his brother, Perry Moore.
  • One-half of the above-referenced proceeds of sale belong to the Moore’s.  On or about January 31, 2012, $875,334.85 was deposited into a trustee account of under the name of the Moore’s and PIM, LLC.
  • Between January 31, 2012 and May 10, 2012 a partner made disbursements from that trust account. Some of those disbursements were to or on behalf of the Moore family and were appropriate. There were other disbursements made from the trust account that were not appropriate and were not made on behalf of the Moore’s. The total of such funds inappropriately disbursed is currently calculated to be $137,945.48 (hereafter the claimed funds) subject to further discovery in this proceeding.

The plaintiff appears to have caught Jennifer Wexton’s partnership with its hand in the cookie jar, and is claiming to have been defrauded to the tune of at least $137K, possibly more.  Billing records show Ms. Wexton was an attorney on this case.  Under the law, Wexton can be found liable for the potential fraud.  One cannot help but ask, “What is Jennifer Wexton’s part in this, what did she know, and when did she know it?”

Why did not Jennifer Wexton report the misappropriation of the funds?  Why did Jennifer Wexton not protect the interests of Gail Moore?  Wexton claims to be a champion of women.  What about Gail? She is not only a woman, but a client of Wexton’s; as such Wexton has a fiduciary duty to Gail.  Wexton had two years to act on her client’s behalf prior to the filing of this suit.  Jennifer did nothing.  Why?  A final question for the rest of us is, “What else has Jennifer Wexton gotten herself into?

Clearly, given the lawsuit, Gail does not see her interests having been protected by Jennifer.  Ms. Wexton is running for the Virginia Senate as a tough prosecutor, perhaps she should get her own life in order before getting involved in the affairs of other Virginians.


34 thoughts on “Jennifer Wexton Named In Bankruptcy Lawsuit

  1. Jenifer couldn’t have done it. She has an airtight alibi – she was busy going through Loudoun County case files looking for assault victims to exploit in her political advertisements.

    1. “… MAY have been defrauded….”
      “Wexton MAY find herself culpable”
      “The plaintiff APPEARS to have been caught…”

      Hold your judgement, please, until you know the facts.

      FYI “siting” shoulde be “citing”. Grammar patrol on duty.

    2. Obviously the author is holding his judgment until a decision is reached in the lawsuit against her. That is why he used those words. This certainly doesn’t look good for her, though.

  2. “Hold your judgement, please, until you know the facts.” Tell the truth now, would you be saying the same thing if this were a Republican?

  3. Yes, as responsible adults, we should withold judgment until all the facts are disclosed. Just a many of us withheld judgment on Christie………up until now when the Jersey City ‘protocol’ was uncovered yesterday!! Now the Republicans have nobody for 2016!! Good Luck Wexton!!

  4. Complaints only show one sides’ take on the facts.

    R/J says :”the law firm allegedly changed its name to avoid suit by the Moore family” and
    “Billing records show Ms. Wexton was an attorney on this case. ”

    Neither of these allegations are in the Complaint. Either they have not been made, or they are in documents not supplied in this article.

    It looks like this is all based on something Ritenour (now deceased) did in the Winter/Spring of 2012. The Complaint only tangentially ties Wexton to the alleged bad acts.

    The only weird thing about the law practice is that the firm’s website is showing up as “under construction” despite having been in existence for years.

    Stop making me defend Democrats.

  5. “Now the Republicans have nobody for 2016!” (In no particular order): Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Scott Walker, Jeb Bush, Bobby Jindal, Susanna Martinez, Brian Sandoval, Paul Ryan, Mike Huckabee, Rick Perry, and those are just the folks off the top of my head. Who do the Democrats have? Hillary, Martin O’Malley, the former Governor of Montana — what’s his name, the gun-control Governor of Colorado whose name I also cannot remember. Frankly, I think the GOPs bench is more full than the Dems is. But whatever, keep telling yourself whatever you want. Especially since you seem to think that everything is hunky dory right now, particularly with the economy and ObamaCare.

    1. That bench, dear Anonymous, is full of you know what!!! Give me a break…Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Rick Perry vs., Hillary, Joe Biden, Andrew Cuomo, even Terry McAuliffe, Mark Warner………….pack it up guys………maybe somoene will come along in 2020….if you all are still around then!!!

  6. Wexton is toast. And it does not surprise me thatr brain-dead posterboys for the opposition still think that she’s just great….no matter what she does to other people.

    1. I cant imagine anyone calling me a posterboy…….REMEMBER…….in some quartersof the U.S.A. and the Commonwealth, we still have due process……i understand the Tea Party doesnt have that……..ergo…people who dont join in their witchcraft are posterboys…………The jury is out oh great patriot!!! hohoho

    2. My bad Mr. Bulletproof Monk……..i thought it was Anonymous…….that does not change my comments in any manner however…………..

  7. Yes, Ken, one-party rule, I’m sure you would enjoy that! Frankly, I’d rather have a younger, more diverse bench than the same old, worn-out, tired old bunch of tax and spend liberals.

    1. C’mon Robert………….please don use those worn out AND UNTRUE sound biteslike “tax and spend liberals”….you have a fine mind and are well-informed…………..use your head…….and stop using Billo-the-Clown repeats!!!

  8. I appreciate the comment on being well-informed and having a fine mind (although my name is not Robert). I do not approve of the Democrats policies and I have grave concerns of their implementation. With the best will in the world, I’m sure, from the folks who are looking to impose them on the rest of us, they are simply not working. People are not better off today than they were, if anything it is getting worse. The economy is growing sluggishly at best, more stagnant than anything else, and it could potentially be a “lost decade.” You have young people in their 20s, with little marketable skills (who are now expected to pay more for their health insurance and are required by law to buy it) who can’t find a job, who are in debt up to their eyeballs, and yet we are to believe that everything is just fine because a Democrat is in the WH (the supposed smartest guy in the room, who has never even run a hamburger stand and wouldn’t know the first thing about leadership outside of giving a stump speech with a teleprompter if it bit him in the bee-hind). Sorry, I’m just not buying what the Dems are selling. And I will continue to sit her with a smile plastered on my face as they press FORWARD!! right off the cliff.

  9. Worn out? Tax and spend is WHAT THEY DO EVERYTIME THEY VOTE, Ken. Anyone who denies that is out there….Which is why we call you a “posterboy”. When they put up posters to deny the obvious, they put a picture of you on those posters.

  10. You guys read the Washington Post? Get today’s endorsement of Wexton!! Your boy sounds like a real wacko!! Tell anti-Semetic jokes…………hummmmmmmmmtypical class act of a t-partier…….and the Post, which tells all, apparently ddid not think your allegation of defrauding a client of a law firm did not toucuh Wexton….Post likes Joe May but not as much as it likesWexton…………..sounds like your boy …what’s his name………….will get 100% of the votes on this blog…………….but will lose 90-10% on election day………..stay tune for my “told you so’s” on Wednesday…………….

  11. “Post, which tells all…” ONLY if it can somehow be beneficial to the Democrat party. If it could assist the GOP in any way, shape, matter or form, the Post isn’t going to bother covering it. Frankly, Ray Charles could see that bias.

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